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Rayne Panther 34" Complete Longboard

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With artwork from Graham Buksa, the Rayne Panther 34" Complete Longboard is perfect for transition skating and daily transportation. Built with a 7-ply maple construction, this complete is equipped with 149mm Atlas Street Trucks for high speed stability and 60mm Rayne wheels with Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings to carry your speed while ensuring smooth power slides.

Ride Style
  • Commuter
Mounting Style
  • Top Mount
Deck Profile
  • Rocker
Deck Shape
  • Directional
Nose & Tail Features
  • Double Kicks
  • Medium Concave
Grip Type
  • Black Grip Tape
Deck Thickness
  • 7-Ply
  • Atlas 149mm TKP Street Trucks
  • Rayne 60mm 78a Wheels
  • Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings
Artwork By
  • Graham Buksa
  • Die-Cut Rayne Logo Grip tape
  • 1/4" Risers
Ride Style

Commuter - Longboards for general cruising, ideal for experienced skaters and beginners alike. Never make the boring mistake of walking again!

Mounting Style

Top Mount - The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel.

Deck Profile

Rocker - Rocker decks are great for both downhill and freeride. You'll feel snug and secure on a rocker profile and is especially useful for freeride beginners.

Deck Shape

Directional - Directional decks may have a dramatically asymmetrical shape or just a slight taper which can be great for anything from mild cruising to intense downhill; but of course it's all just preference.

Nose & Tail Features

Double Kicks - With a kicktail at the nose and tail of the board, ollies and flip tricks will become part of your arsenal. Double kicks are most often found on freestyle boards, but can add versatility to any skateboard.


Medium Concave - Medium concave shows as a slight rise towards the edges of the deck. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it's all personal preference but you can't go wrong if you don't already have a preference.

Deck Thickness

7-Ply - This is the standard for a reason; 7 ply construction gives you a deck that is durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.


Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings - Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings are designed by longboarders scecifically for downhill and freeride longboarding. Get going STOOPID fast!

Width (in):9.16
Length (in):34.0
Wheelbase (in):17.5
Nose (in):6.25
Tail (in):6.0