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Kowalski SPF P5 Pro Skateboard Wheels

4 Reviews
crab (84b)
Color: crab (84b)
Size: Size Chart
Color: crab (84b)
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Kevin Kowalski doesn't haphazardly throw his name on anything, so you know there's a reason he's all about these amazing SPF skateboard wheels. It's about quality.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Narrow
  • Smooth
  • Skatepark Formula (SPF)
Wheel Shape
  • SPF P5 Shape
Pro Model
  • 84b (104a)
  • Made in the USA
Wheel Profile

Narrow - Narrow wheels have the least amount of traction and are intended for advanced, tech riding.


Smooth - Smooth wheels have less surface friction than treaded wheels and are easier to slide.


Skatepark Formula (SPF) - Skatepark Formula wheels are made from a high quality urethane that was specifically formulated to resist flatspotting on slick or smooth surfaces while maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll.

SPF wheels have a high resistance to abrasion without compromising hardness and slide ability. Skatepark Formula wheels grip better on slick surfaces and are almost impossible to flatspot.

Wheel Shape
SPF P5 Shape

84b (104a) - A hard skatepark formula wheel, designed for a fast roll whether charging the local park or your neighbor's pool. The 'b' scale measurement reads 20 points lower than your typical 'a' scale, meaning the hardness of the 84b would equal a theoretical hardness rating of 104a. This is beyond the limitations of the 'a' scale which tops out at 101a.


Made in the USA - All Bones and Powell wheels are made at their factory located in Santa Barbara, California.

Diameter (mm):54.0 56.0
Width (mm):31.0 32.0
Riding Surface (mm):17.5 18.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/A 1/8
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 4 customers

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by Alex
Posted on 5/1/2017
Bones Kowalski SPF P5 Pro Skateboard Wheels
The speed and slide-ability of this wheel is incredible. Love these wheels
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SPF, still the best for concrete
by DB in Salt Lake City, UT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/21/2017
Bones Kowalski SPF P5 Pro Skateboard Wheels - parks (84b)
Standard SPF speed, perfect for smooth or rough concrete. Even at the smaller size, works well, especially after breaking them in a bit. And you're supporting Kevin Kowalski, ripper!
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Fast and grippy in park
by Joseph Sutton in Tuscaloosa, AL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/3/2016
Bones Kowalski SPF Pro Skateboard Wheels - parks (84b)
In a concrete park, these wheels were significantly faster than the Better Skateboarding wheels I was using, and have enough grip to really dig into carves, but not so much that they won't slide when you want them to. Great for smooth terrain, very rough and slow in the streets.
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Hands down best wheels for a skatepark
by Tim Corona in Bakersfield, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/17/2015
Bones Kowalski SPF Pro Skateboard Wheels - parks (84b)
These wheels rip bones never disappoint would buy again times 10 !
4 people have found this review helpful

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