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Dragon X2 Goggles + Bonus Lens

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6 Reviews
dijon/lummalens silver ion + lumalens amber lens
Select Style: dijon/lummalens silver ion + lumalens amber lens
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Frame Size
Designed for larger faces or riders who prefer oversized style
Lens Shape
Expanded field of vision with less lens distortion
Lens Swap
Quick Change
Swap your lenses on-the-go with minimum effort
Lighting Conditions
Ultimate protection, ideal for riding in full sun or high visibility conditions (VLT: 0-20%)


The X2 from Dragon combines the super-clarity of Lumalens technology with the convenience of Swiftlock for easy lens swapping in a large fit frame that expands your range of vision. Lumalens optimizes colors under all weather and lighting conditions so you see in vivid clarity, with enhanced contrast, improved depth perception and reduced eye strain. Armored venting helps combat fog and makes clearing out snow packed vents quick and easy. Your face will appreciate the comfort of triple layer foam, plus a hypoallergenic micro fleece lining for folks with sensitive skin. Choose from a variety of colors and lens combinations best suited the conditions you ride in most often.

Frame Features
  • Armored Venting
  • Hypoallergenic Microfleece Lining
  • Patented Frameless Design
  • Swiftlock Lens Change Technology
  • Tri-Foam Technology
Lens Features
  • Optically Correct Lenses
  • LUMALENS Technology
  • Super Anti-Fog
  • Spherical Lens
  • Hard Coating
  • Hydrophobic
  • Ionized
  • UV Protection 100%
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Bonus Lens Included
Bonus Lens
  • Dragon LUMALENS Amber Lens


Frame Features

Armored Venting - Provides even air circulation throughout the goggle while preventing snow and ice from getting inside.

Hypoallergenic Microfleece Lining - Provides soft hypoallergenic moisture wicking contact with your face.

Swiftlock Lens Change Technology - Swiftlock Lens technology enables riders to change lenses instantly, providing a faster, easier and more secure way to adapt quickly to changing light conditions. The easy on-and-off mechanism uses a pair of small, locking levels integrated into the goggle frame. Simply flip the levers up to release the lens, pop in the new one, and with one quick motion, lock it down.

Tri-Foam Technology - Triple layer face foam offers superior comfort and breathability through multiple layer densities.

Lens Features

Optically Correct Lenses - Offers superior clarity and performance by eliminating distortion through tapered geometries.

LUMALENS Technology - LUMALENS is a color optimized lens technology offering ultra high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions. Engineered to optimize and improve visibility in all environments, Dragon's exclusive LUMALENS Technology delivers enhanced color vividness, increased contrast, precise depth perception, and reduces eye fatigue for optimal performance.

Super Anti-Fog - Utilizing the same technology as Nasa, Dragon’s Super Anti-Fog is the strongest anti-fog known to man, lasting twice as long as any competitor.

Hard Coating - Protects lenses from scratches and wear and tear.

Hydrophobic - Repels water to keep your lenses clear.

Ionized - Adds a rich color and added glare reduction.

UV Protection 100% - Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays.


Helmet Compatible - This goggle is engineered for optimal helmet compatibility with correct strap lengths and goggle proportions for a proper, comfortable fit, to eliminate gaper gap, and to maximize ventilation airflow.

Bonus Lens

Lenses come in a variety of colors and tints, all of which carry their own unique Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating. VLT rates how much light a lens allows to pass through and is scaled 0-100%. Goggles and lenses with VLT ratings closer to 0% will block out more light, while lenses closer to 100% will allow more light to pass through for better visibility in low light conditions. Often times, lenses come with versatile VLT ratings which fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum allowing them to provide good visibility in a variety of conditions.

Dragon LUMALENS Amber Lens - VLT Rating: 35%

Excels In: Variable Conditions

Cloudy/Variable light lenses (like this one) provide the widest range of UV protection and visibility. With a Visual Light Transmission (VLT) rating that covers the middle of the spectrum, these are a great option if you need one lens to perform well in all conditions.


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 6 customers
by Shawn P. in Utah (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/26/2022
Dragon X2 Goggles + Bonus Lens - midnight/lumalens midnight + lumalens violet lens
Quality is perfect, the fitment couldn’t get any better. Nice tight band And visors do the job
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These are sick good deal
by Austin Nisar in Westlake Village, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/17/2020
Dragon X2 Goggles + Bonus Lens - lunar/lumalens gold ion + lumalens amber lens
From someone who has old style goggles just taking these ones out of the box made me smile there so bitchin
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by David in Oklahoma City, OK (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/16/2018
Dragon X2 Goggles - knight rider/dark smoke + luma flash blue + luma rose lens
Fast shipping, packaged great! Very clear vision when wearing them. Couldn't be happier and highly recommend!
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Worth the $$$$
by John Weissinger in Minneapolis, MN (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/12/2017
Dragon X2 Goggles - bryan iguchi signature/blue steel lens + yellow red ion lens
I hesitated to purchased give the price, but the look, feel and quick lens changing system are worth the price. Also the extra lens for gray bird days is included.
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Dragon x2
by Nicholas Haskell in West Hartford, CT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/26/2017
Dragon X2 Goggles - hone blue/optimized flash blue lens + flash green lens
These goggles with the optimized lenses are worth every penny. Best pair I've owned.
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They look good
by Eddy in Miami (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/14/2016
Dragon X2 Goggles - inverse/red ion lens + bonus lens
Good look and fit. I swear a lot and had minimal fogging.
2 people have found this review helpful
Asked by Hiphop on 1/22/2017
I have electric eg2.5's and they fog up just from walking to the lift. Whats the best goggles and lens color for cloudy stormy days and no fogging?
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 1/31/2017
Here is a link to all of our lenses that are best for stormy/overcast days:,12708
I have tried the Oakley Flight Decks with the matte white/ prizm rose lens and they were amazing in the whiteout conditions, giving me really good depth perception and no fogging.
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