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Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Cruiser Skateboard

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The Globe Big Blazer 32" complete skateboard is your all-around cruiser with wide, stable Slant trucks and a kick tail for curb hopping. This one also features a built-in bottle opener to use once you reach your destination.

  • Mellow Concave
Deck Thickness
  • 7-Ply
Deck Construction
  • Hard Rock Maple Construction
  • 6.0" Slant Trucks
  • Globe 62mm 83a Wheels
  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Built-in Bottle Opener
  • Kick Tail
  • Wheel Wells
Deck Thickness

7-Ply - This is the standard for a reason; 7 ply construction gives you a deck that is durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.

Deck Construction

Hard Rock Maple Construction - This is the standard of all skateboards and longboards. Hard rock maple has proven to be durable and responsive underfoot.


6.0" Slant Trucks - High-grade alloy construction and hardware, engineered to stand up to the most abusive skateboarding. All Slant trucks are guaranteed for life.


Globe 62mm 83a Wheels - Designed for a smooth, carefree cruising experience. Soft with plenty of grip, but hard enough that sliding through turns and drifting is a breeze.


ABEC 7 Bearings - ABEC 7 bearings are highly precise and turn faster for longer. A precise bearing means that it has a higher tolerance to heat caused by friction.


Kick Tail - A kick tail allows for easy ollies and grab tricks along with improved overall maneuvering while cruising.

Wheel Wells - Wheel wells help prevent wheel bite by providing more clearance between the wheel and the underside of your deck. More wheel clearance allows you to take sharper turns without experiencing bite.

Width (in):9.25
Length (in):32.0
Wheelbase (in):17.5
Nose (in):4.0
Tail (in):6.25
Concave (in):.375
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 14 customers
Stable, fun
by G in Benicia, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 9/21/2021
Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Cruiser Skateboard - darkside
I'm new. An experienced skater friend recommended a cruiser board. This is a big cruiser. I've been able to learn quickly, it's very stable, but can carve. It's beautiful, fun, handmade.
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An Excellent Long Cruiser
by George
Posted on 8/27/2021
Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Cruiser Skateboard
This is a really good cruiser complete, especially for beginners or people who haven't skated in a long time. The length and the width of the board makes riding it very stable and smooth, so riders shouldn't have a lot of trouble balancing on it after pushing off.

The large size does sacrifice a bit of responsiveness. However, I had no trouble dodging people and debris with it and I was still able to make somewhat sharp turns.

I read beforehand that cruisers ride best on level surfaces, so my main concern before purchase was how it would handle hills. Thankfully, it rides down mild hills in residential areas very well.

When going down hills with this board, I do recommend: placing more weight on the front trucks, lowering your center of gravity by bending your knees more, and making stable, wide carves. These actions will help reduce speed wobbles and control your velocity downhill.

Overall, this is an excellent cruiser complete that's perfect for beginners. I really recommend this if you're interested in a board that'll get you from Point A to Point B smoothly while avoiding obstacles.
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by Mel
Posted on 6/2/2021
Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Cruiser Skateboard
I love it!! It rolls for a really long time, very smooth ride, and can make turns perfectly! Never had such a good board!
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by Eleni Manolis in Orland park, IL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/20/2021
Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Cruiser Skateboard - coconut/palm
For being my first board I love it and highly recommend it. It rides smooth and I really like the deck shape.
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It's awesome!
by Ashleyx in LOS ANGELES, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/18/2021
Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Cruiser Skateboard - washed yellow
The board is pretty and smooth. I love it a lot!
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Great gift purchase
by Joeylyn Cueto in Tamuning, GU (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 11/10/2020
Globe Big Blazer 32" Complete Skateboard - coconut/palm
Bought it for my friend's upcoming birthday. Something cute and has a different purpose such as the bottle opener haha. Love it.
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