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Ace AF-1 Skate ToolAce AF-1 Skate Tool $22.95
Ace 55 Hi Skateboard Trucks - matte blackAce 55 Hi Skateboard Trucks matte black $43.95 (COMING SOON)

Since the 1970’s the skateboard truck market has long been dominated by only a few major players. Established in 2006, Ace Trucks has quickly picked up steam. And after introducing their new AF1 series they are catching more attention from seasoned vets and newcomers alike. The Ace AF1 series includes features such as re-threading axle nuts, upgraded pivot cups with hand-poured 96a urethane for lasting durability, refined bushing and washer shapes for improved suspension, and plenty of sizes to choose from.

Ace trucks are known for having some of the most tight and responsive turns around. This can be particularly handy when navigating shallow end lines in a backyard pool or weaving through obstacles on your next hill bomb. Having the right pair of trucks on your skateboard is essential and Ace Trucks understands that. Turn sharper, grind longer, and get more enjoyment out of your skate with Ace Trucks.