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Oakley Fall Line L Goggles

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factory pilot black/prizm sapphire iridium lens
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Frame Size
Designed for larger faces or riders who prefer oversized style
Lens Shape
Nearly flat lenses that offer a standard field of vision
Lens Swap
Lens can be changed, though not as easily as a quick change system
Lighting Conditions
Increased visibility and protection in a variety of lighting conditions (VLT: 21-54%)

The Oakley Fall Line L Goggles (formerly known as "Fall Line XL") are built with a large, rimless frame for comfort and stylization. Equipped with Prizm™ technology these will perform in a wide variety of light conditions, which eliminates the hindering of having to swap lenses.

Frame Features
  • Rigid O Matter Outrigger Strap
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam
Lens Features
  • Dual-Pane Lenses with F3 Anti-Fog Coating
  • Prizm™
Bonus Lens
  • Oakley Prizm Sapphire Lens
Frame Features

Rigid O Matter Outrigger Strap - The outriggers provide a balanced fit, with or without a helmet. The strap attachment points are specially engineered outrigger mounts that evenly distribute pressure across the entire goggle chassis.

Triple-Layer Face Foam - All-day comfort of moisture wicking triple-layer polar fleece foam.

Lens Features

Dual-Pane Lenses with F3 Anti-Fog Coating - Technology that fights the hazard of fog buildup. Oakley utilizes specially formulated coatings to help prevent lens fog from compromising performance and safety. Goggles with dual vented Plutonite lenses are optimized with Oakley F3 anti-fog coating, allowing the inner ballistic lens to absorb a minimum of 2 ml of moisture.

Combine that with full 360° frame venting and you're ensured optimum airflow to help eliminate fog buildup.

Prizm™ - Prizm lenses have been engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions, reducing the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change. You'll notice when looking at the lens tints that each Prizm lens offers appropriate variable light transmission across a much broader range than a traditional lens. This is the future, three lenses are all you need for any condition conceivable, and thanks to the broad range of coverage you can typically get away with just one.

Bonus Lens

Lenses come in a variety of colors and tints, all of which carry their own unique Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating. VLT rates how much light a lens allows to pass through and is scaled 0-100%. Goggles and lenses with VLT ratings closer to 0% will block out more light, while lenses closer to 100% will allow more light to pass through for better visibility in low light conditions. Often times, lenses come with versatile VLT ratings which fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum allowing them to provide good visibility in a variety of conditions.

Oakley Prizm Sapphire Lens - VLT Rating: 11-20%

Excels In: Bright Conditions

Sunny/Bright lenses (like this one) feature a lower Visual Light Transmission (VLT) rating, meaning a darker tint which provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays and is ideal for riding full sun conditions.