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Spiral Wax Co All Temp Natural Snowboard Wax

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  • Hot Wax
About the Wax
  • Spiral offers a wax like no other – all-natural and handmade, it stands to be the cornerstone of your board-care routine without sacrificing performance. Treat it as you would any wax, but rest assured, it's crafted from naturally derived ingredients that won't harm the Earth, a stark contrast to the Petroleum-Based / Fluorocarbon composition found in most other snowboard waxes.
About Spiral Wax Co.
  • All natural snowboard wax: Designed, tested and handmade in Bend, Oregon: by snowboaders. Founded by Professional snowboarder Max Warbington and Creative Mind Tim Karpinski, Spiral Wax Co.'s goal is to create products to elevate your riding experience while living in harmony with Planet Earth. Live Slow, Go Fast!
  • All-Natural / All-Temperature / All-Conditions Snowboard Wax
  • 5.5 Oz. / 155 Grams
  • Mountain Scented
  • Packaged in Recycled
  • Compostable Cardboard
  • Every Bar comes with a Free Sticker!