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Traffic Skateboards

Ricky Oyola, the undisputed champion of the east coast underground, started Traffic Skateboards out of Philadelphia long before the indie/skater owned brand thing was a thing. The brand is still going strong and representing the ideals of street skating in everything they do.

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Traffic Cascade Hoodie - blackTraffic Cascade Hoodie black $42.95 (28% off)
Traffic Z-Roller T-Shirt - indigoTraffic Z-Roller T-Shirt indigo $21.95 (27% off)
Traffic Script Beanie - denimTraffic Script Beanie denim $13.95 (30% off)
Traffic Easy Roller T-Shirt - whiteTraffic Easy Roller T-Shirt white $21.95 (27% off)
Traffic Street Cleaner T-Shirt - whiteTraffic Street Cleaner T-Shirt white $21.95 (27% off)
Traffic Ricky 8.0 Skateboard DeckTraffic Ricky 8.0 Skateboard Deck $46.95 (15% off)