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Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks

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all polished (5.0 lo)
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Shred with less weight and experience unparalleled control with the Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks. Crafted from high-quality, forged aluminum for a super lightweight build with a hollow kingpin for ultimate lightweight performance. Venture's classic geometry allows for ultra-responsive turning and precise control. Sold as a set of two in multiple sizes.

Axle/Kingpin Style
  • Hollow Kingpin
Baseplate Style
  • Forged
  • Set of 2 Trucks


Axle/Kingpin Style

Hollow Kingpin - Lightening the load, hollow kingpins reduce weight for lighter feeling trucks, while still maintaining strength in this critical area.

Baseplate Style

Forged - Forged baseplates are compression molded making them lighter, stronger, and more impact resistant compared to cast or poured-mold baseplates. Forging also eliminates the most common manufacturing defects and imperfections.

Non-Compatible Risers

Risers from the following brands are not compatible with the baseplates of these trucks.

Dooks, Girl, Loaded, Paris
Sizing Reference

Note - Every skate truck brand represents their sizing a little differently, so it's easy to get confused. Take a look at this graphic and then reference the size chart.


Size7.6 axle7.6 axle (low)8.0 axle8.25 axle
Venture Size:5.0 Hi 5.0 Lo 5.2 Hi 5.6 Hi
Hanger (mm):127.0 127.0 132.0 144.3
Board Range (in):7.4 - 7.85 7.4 - 7.85 7.75 - 8.25 8.0 - 8.5
Height (mm):53.5 48.3 53.5 53.5
Weight (g):333.4 333.5 340.8 350.95


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 20 customers
Great trucks
by Everett Smith in Los Angeles, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/14/2023
Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks - all polished (5.8 hi)
These trucks are nice and snappy. Not too light. I purchased the venture loose bushings too and now they actually turn pretty well. Nice to finally be AWAKE
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by Jreezy
Posted on 10/3/2022
Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks
Skated them in the late 90s/early 2000s. Then I quit skating. Got back on board 3 years ago. Tried all other brands...hated them. Tried Ventures. Loved them. Not sure why I didn't just go to them from the minute I got back on the board but whatever. I do notice they grind down a little faster, but everything else is awesome. I ride the 5.8s.
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Venture V Lights 5.6
by Erik in CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/25/2022
Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks - all polished (5.6 hi)
Ventures dont get the same hype as Independent or Thunder, which is great because I like to do my own thing. These trucks are awesome! They are stable and versatile. Skating Venture trucks proves you can be awake but not woke in 2022.
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Totally satisfied
by SUKJUN YUN in New Castle, DE (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/9/2022
Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks - all polished (5.6 hi)
As a beginner try to experience as many trucks as possible. And these V-Lights are it?? Landed my first ollie wit this??
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Better than thunders
by matt
Posted on 4/9/2021
Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks
I switched from Thunders to these after about a year. They feel so much better. I had no problem with my spitfire skate tool on the bolts. Bushings feel pretty nice so far. Pop is noticeably more responsive instantly.
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Nice, stable ride. Normal skate tools don't work!
by Robin J in Long beach, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/15/2020
Venture V-Lights Skateboard Trucks - all polished (5.2 hi)
Just FYI - the truck itself covers two of the bolt holes, so you can't use a normal T shaped skate tool. You'll need a small wrench instead. other than this small hiccup during install, these trucks ride great. Very smooth and stable. We'll see how the bushings break in but very happy with it now
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