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Venture Wings L/S T-Shirt - whiteVenture Wings L/S T-Shirt white $23.95 (20% off)

Hitting the market in the 1980’s, Venture Trucks answered the demands of many street skaters of the era. Venture trucks were lighter and lower profile compared to the other trucks at the time. This made them favorable for quick snaps, long grinds, and tighter turns.

Today they remain a favorite of skateboarders worldwide. And they are still considered one of the tightest turning trucks out there with four different styles to choose from. Venture Team Editions keep it basic with a standard hanger and baseplate. Venture V-Lights feature a forged baseplate and hollow kingpin. Venture V-Hollows are the same as V-Lights but also have a hollow axle which makes them a bit lighter. Venture Titanium feature a forged baseplate, titanium axle, and hollow kingpin for the lightest and most durable blend of materials.