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Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks

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blue/orange/polished 33
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Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks have high grade aluminum with a refined baseplate improving strength and durability. Including re-threading axle nuts so you'll never have stripped axles again. Multiple axle sizes available. Sold as a set of two.

Baseplate Style
  • Standard
  • Set of 2 Trucks
Strongest Cast Truck Ever Made
  • All-new proprietary process
  • Strength at a molecular level
Faced Hangers
  • Machined to perfection so the bearings sit flush
Laser Etched Sizing
  • No more guessing sizes
Bonus Re-Threading Die
  • Keep it on your key chain to fix a friend's axles on the fly
Re-Threading Axle Nuts
  • No more stripped axles
  • *Patent Pending Technology
Upgraded Pivot Cups
  • Hand-poured 96a urethane
  • Maximum durability
Improved Suspension
  • Refined bushing and washer shapes
Upgraded Axles
  • SAE 4140 Alloy Steel Axles
  • Non-slip, don't trip
Material Upgrade
  • Higher grade aluminum
  • True T6 heat treatment
Refined Baseplate
  • Improved strength
  • Comes in a 100% Biodegradable Bag


Non-Compatible Risers

Risers from the following brands are not compatible with the baseplates of these trucks.

Diamond, Girl, Independent, Loaded, Paris


Size8.0 axle8.25 axle8.5 axle9.0 axle
Hanger (mm):133.3 138.9 144.1 160.2
Board Range (in):7.75 - 8.25 8.0 - 8.5 8.25 - 8.75 8.75 - 9.25
Height (mm):52.0 52.0 52.0 52.0
Weight (g):384.2 395.5 401.8 414.5


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 11 customers
Super Surfy
by AJ Dutton
Posted on 7/18/2023
Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks
This is third pair of aces I've had, I have Ace AF-1 33s, Ace Classic 44, and now the Ace AF1 low 60s. These have been super fun for my curb set-up. It's nice to be able to get a Surfy ride on a low (49mm) truck. Ace makes by-far the best turning trucks in the industry and I've been really digging Ace and Thunder lately.
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Turn great, just heavy
by Donnie dingles
Posted on 8/22/2022
Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks
I skated Indy’s for 10 years, and these turn just as well, if not, better. These feel super soft on grinds, but in a good way. This means they wear down faster though. The turn is too toer, the grind is great, they’re just heavy trucks. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a preference thing. Glad I got to skate these for a year, but my truck preference stands with forged Indy’s and Thunder hollows, then probably these AF-1’s. Great trucks, just a personal preference thing makes me feel like these are better suited for certain setups so I keep them in my box of spare parts.
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Ace On Grind......
by Huriol Vega in Sabana Grande, PR (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/18/2022
Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks - polished silver 66
Soooo Smooth....
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My new favorite
by Kevin Campbell in Alexandria, VA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/11/2022
Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks - polished silver 55
My Indy’s fell sluggish now because of these.
I wish Ace would start making hollows in the standard height. These are a little heavy.
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Best trucks
by Kat (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/3/2022
Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks - black 55
Ive skated krux, royal, indy, & now these aces. Theyre my favorite that ive tried. Theyre super smooth on grinds & turn better than any other truck. They will feel a little squirrelly when you first get them but i personally got used to it pretty easily & learned to love it & use it to my advantage. Also theres practically no break in time.
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Great quality!
by Shawn P in Utah (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/26/2022
Ace AF-1 Skateboard Trucks - polished silver 77
Sleek look, nice detailing plus the bonus threader is always nice!
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