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Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore and Spike Jonze started Girl Skateboards in 1993. During this time street skateboarding was quickly evolving and so too was the industry. Dissatisfied with the way some of the larger companies were run, the four took it upon themselves to start Girl. Only a year later the sister brand, Chocolate Skateboards was formed as a way to expand and support more of their friends.

Girl Skateboards has consistently promoted fun and creativity throughout their video projects including classics such as “Goldfish” in 1994, “Mouse” in 1997 and “Yeah Right” in 2003. In the past the team has also joined forces with Anti-Hero Skateboards for full-fledged skate camp tours through the Pacific Northwest. Friends supporting friends is how Girl Skateboards got its start and this is also the driving force behind its continued success.