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Girl Skateboards

In 1993, Girl Skateboards was created by a group of people who loved skateboarding, like Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze. They were not happy with how big skateboarding companies were run, so they decided to start their own company, and that's how Girl Skateboards began. A year later, they also started another brand called Chocolate Skateboards to help their friends who loved skateboarding.

More Than Just Skateboards

Girl Skateboards started as a project for people who loved skateboarding, but it has become much more than that over the years. They are known for making cool skateboarding videos like "Goldfish" in 1994, "Mouse" in 1997, and "Yeah Right" in 2003. They also sell clothes and other things related to skateboarding. So, they offer a lot of stuff for people who love skateboarding.

Friends Supporting Friends

The most important thing about Girl Skateboards is the idea of friends helping friends. The founders of the company started it because they wanted to support their friends and create a brand that represented their values. They believe in friendship, creativity, and helping each other. This idea is still very important to Girl Skateboards, and it's what makes them successful.

In short, Girl Skateboards is not just a skateboarding company; it's a symbol of friendship and creativity in the skateboarding world. It was started by people who wanted to do things differently and has grown while staying true to their core values.