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Ace Deedz AF-1 Hollow LTD Skateboard Trucks

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Pro Model
  • Didrik "Deedz" Galasso
Axle/Kingpin Style
  • Hollow Axle & Kingpin
  • Set of 2 Trucks
Strongest Cast Truck Ever Made
  • All-new proprietary process
  • Strength at a molecular level
Faced Hangers
  • Machined to perfection so the bearings sit flush
Laser Etched Sizing
  • No more guessing sizes
Bonus Re-Threading Die
  • Keep it on your key chain to fix a friend's axles on the fly
Re-Threading Axle Nuts
  • No more stripped axles
  • *Patent Pending Technology
Upgraded Pivot Cups
  • Hand-poured 96a urethane
  • Maximum durability
Improved Suspension
  • Refined bushing and washer shapes
Upgraded Axles
  • SAE 4140 Alloy Steel Axles
  • Non-slip, don't trip
Material Upgrade
  • Higher grade aluminum
  • True T6 heat treatment
Refined Baseplate
  • Improved strength
Baseplate Style
  • Standard
  • Comes in a 100% Biodegradable Bag


Axle/Kingpin Style

Hollow Axle & Kingpin - Hollow axle trucks cut down on the materials used in the axle, so your trucks feel lighter. Hollow kingpins further reduce weight while still maintaining strength in this critical area.

Non-Compatible Risers

Risers from the following brands are not compatible with the baseplates of these trucks.

Diamond, Girl, Loaded, Paris


Size8.5 axle8.75 axle
Hanger (mm):149.0 155.0
Board Range (in):8.25 - 8.75 8.5 - 9.0
Height (mm):53.0 53.0
Weight (g):368.0 376.0