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Outlook Easy Rider Series Longboard Wheels

ghost yellow (78a)
Size: 69mm Size Chart
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These wheels are offset by 2.5mm and built with a soft Sucrose Formula best for carvers, cruisers and all-around pushers. The bigger size means a faster roll speed, so look forward to miles of breezy lines on the Outlook.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style
  • Freeride
  • Carving/Cruising
Core Placement
  • Offset
Wheel Edge
  • Round Lip
Surface Type
  • Smooth
Arbor Wheels
  • Sucrose Formula
  • Eco-Friendly Wheels
  • 78a
Ride Style

Freeride - Wanna get sideways? Features like smaller contact patches, a stone ground finish and rounded lips all help these wheels slide easily, right out of the cellophane.

Carving/Cruising - Carving/cruising wheels meet the needs of many different skate disciplines but generally, have a good roll speed and are soft enough to handle craggy streets riddled with cracks and rocks.

Core Placement

Offset - The most popular; offset cores offer a more forgiving slide initiation and hookup, while still providing ample grip and control in your slide.

Wheel Edge

Round Lip - Breaks traction more easily and offers smoother transitions from grip to slide. Round lip wheels are generally preferred for freeriding.

Surface Type

Smooth - The natural shiny finish provides extra grip for railing corners and is more responsive when pumping/carving compared to wheels with a stone ground finish.

Arbor Wheels

Sucrose Formula - The Sucrose formula is known to last and last, making these wheels ideal for freeride. They also have incredible grip for carving and mellow hills.

Eco-Friendly Wheels - Made with environmentally friendly sucrose-based, bio-urethane reducing Arbor's reliance on harmful synthetic materials, while maintaining the highest level of performance.


78a - The most common durometer we see amongst cruiser wheels. They have great grip for cornering and easily roll over cracks, small rocks and the like.

Diameter (mm):69.0
Contact Patch (mm):44.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):1/2