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Carpet Company

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Carpet Dino Jeans - blueCarpet Dino Jeans blue $127.95
Carpet Bully Work Jeans - greenCarpet Bully Work Jeans green $102.95 (20% off)
Carpet Emrbyo Woven Sweater - greenCarpet Emrbyo Woven Sweater green $82.95 (30% off)
Carpet C-Star Hoodie - blackCarpet C-Star Hoodie black $102.95 (20% off)
Carpet D-ToolCarpet D-Tool $19.95

Carpet Company is a small independent skateboard and apparel manufacturer started by two Maryland brothers in their parents basement. Every item Carpet Company puts their hands on is a labor of love — something you can see happening in real time, and more importantly, can feel upon receipt. And that’s what ultimately makes the small but mighty operation so magical, and a clear standout in the ever-growing skate marketplace. Specializing in screen-printed skateboards and clothes, Carpet personalizes each piece in some way, whether it’s a name on a board, a message sewn into a pants pocket or embroidered into the jacket lining, or a misprint turned into one-of-a-kind design quirk.