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Crook 31.75" Complete Skateboard

Size: 31.75in Size Chart
Size: 31.75in
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This fun complete is the perfect all around complete that can carve hills, pop over curbs, and shred bowls all the same. This setup features a slight concave, wheel wells, and double kick tails for maximum versatility. The Crook comes assembled and ready to go with Atlas 149mm TKP trucks, Cloud Ride 60mm 78a High Rebound wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings with spacers. Whether the day takes you to the park, or to the hills it doesn't matter - this board is going to be a good time no matter what you're skating.

  • Mellow Concave
Deck Thickness
  • 7-Ply
Deck Construction
  • Hard Rock Maple Construction
Deck Features
  • Continuous Concave
  • Made in Washington, USA
  • 149mm Atlas TKP Trucks
  • 60mm 78a Cloud Ride Crusier Wheels
  • ABEC 7 Cloud Ride Bearings
  • 1/8" Risers
  • Fully Functional Noise and Tail Kicks
  • Wheel Wells to Minimize Wheelbite
  • Custom Pre-Grip
Deck Thickness

7-Ply - This is the standard for a reason; 7 ply construction gives you a deck that is durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.

Deck Construction

Hard Rock Maple Construction - Hard rock maple construction creates durable, long-lasting boards with great impact resistance.

Deck Features

Continuous Concave - Continuous concave throughout the deck gives you a balance of flex and grip. Enough concave to make your turns comfortable, but not so much that it deadens the board.


149mm Atlas TKP Trucks - Still sporting all the signature Atlas features - a machined ball pivot, tapered kingpin, built-in speed rings - the Atlas Ultralight trucks are the best value on the market. The Ultralight eliminates additional aluminum through the hanger making it 20% lighter than the original Atlas.

With a cone bushing on the board side, matched with a cone bushing on the roadside, this truck is perfect for cruising, carving and freeriding. Standard 48° baseplates, 149mm hangers, and 89a Atlas barrel bushings.


60mm 78a Cloud Ride Crusier Wheels - Soft and gooey, these wheels have great grip for cornering and easily rolls over cracks, small rocks, and rough surfaces without tripping you up.


ABEC 7 Cloud Ride Bearings - Cloud Ride Bearings are durable, fast, and shined to a high tolerance for a long life and a smooth roll. A great choice for any type of riding.

Width (in):8.81
Length (in):31.75
Wheelbase (in):15.5
Nose (in):5.625
Tail (in):6.5
Concave (in):.375

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