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DC Shoes
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DC Shoes - Skateboarding & Snowboarding

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After successfully starting Droors Clothing in 1992, entrepreneurs Ken Block and Damon Way were ready to branch out into footwear with DC Shoes in 1993. The first pros on the team were vertical pioneers Colin McKay and Danny Way. Both would have pro model shoes which were a perfect representation of the era with a chunkier build and cup sole construction.

A few years later the DC team would expand to include street skateboarding legends such as Josh Kalis, Mike Carrol, and Rick Howard. Philly’s most notorious skate spot, Love Park, was deeply intertwined with the DC brand since locals Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams would skate there regularly and film stand-out parts there for ‘The DC Video’ in 2004. DC merged deeper into pop culture with televised series like ‘Rob & Big’ giving the brand high visibility to millions of viewers. The mass appeal and popularity of the show continued to drive brand growth and awareness which would ultimately lead the brand further from skating.

In the late 2010s DC would re-strategize and move back towards brand roots with a ‘90s throwback approach and start reintroducing beloved shoes from the archives. Teaming up with brands like Dime to host non-traditional events like the ‘Dime Glory Challenge’ also solidified DCs updated commitment to skateboarding. DC shoes remains a key footwear brand in and out of skating. From snowboard boots to skate shoes, DC manufactures premium products for all your footwear needs.