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  • Traditional 7-Ply
  • Tensor Trucks
  • Enjoi 52mm Wheels
  • Phillips



Traditional 7-Ply - Traditional for a reason. Standard 7-ply wood construction gives you a deck that's durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.


Tensor Trucks - These lightweight trucks make it easier to blast ollies, and the responsive feel let's you turn on a dime.


Enjoi 52mm Wheels - Designed for smooth sidewalk cruising or shredding in the skate park. These Enjoi 52mm wheels are quality poured for an easy ride over any surface.


Soft Wheels - Good for starting out and learning the basics, smoother and less chatter on rough terrain like streets/sidewalks/driveways that almost all kids start skating on. More grip and less sliding out too.


Center Width (in):7.75
Length (in):31.2
Wheelbase (in):13.88
Nose (in):6.75
Tail (in):6.75


Overall Rating
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Better Than Expected
by Ty Blue in Missouri (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/20/2023
Enjoi Panda Stripes 7.75 Soft Wheels Complete Skateboard
I’ve been skating for 20 something years and have always bought things individually and put them together myself. This is the first complete I’ve ever bought and honestly, my only complaints are pretty minor. I did buy this on sale for less than $100 which I feel is a really good deal. Not on sale, I think it cost something like $110-$120(ish) which I would still consider to be pretty good deal. My thoughts:
-Deck: medium concave, very good pop made it good or flip tricks but without being too steep or awkward. Good deck for any experience level.
- Trucks: Weight? Not too light, not too heavy. Turning ability?they're SUPER loose (meaning how they turn, not how the parts fit together) straight out of the box. It was too much for my preference but tightening them down all the way helped a lot. Even so, I will be replacing the bushings with stiffer ones (as a side note, Im 6’ 2” and 210 lbs). In the looks category they are just the basic/classic style, nothing to write home about, but looks matter little compared to quality. So, as far as quality goes, these trucks are solid, good quality trucks. So while they’re not the crème de la crème, they are actual Tensor Trucks (with the Enjoi logo stamped on them). Personally, I’d rate them at being more toward the top end of middle tier trucks.
-Wheels: they are soft enough for good grip on finished concrete and wood but they don’t get stuck in ever little crack or on every little pebble when skating on the street either. However, Being softer means they won’t be as fast or durable (long term) as harder wheels. I’d call them excellent for beginners and good for experienced skaters.
-Bearings: nothing special but I gotta say they’re smooth. They’re ABEC 7 so you can get good speed but you won’t be breaking any land speed records either. In the long term, these will be the first to get upgraded since they’re basic carbon steel bearings with are prone to corrosion, so definitely avoid puddles, water, grass, etc.

All-in-all, I get give this purchase a 9.2/10.
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