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Fix Yale Snowboard Bindings 2025

Select Style: light grey
Coming Soon
Estimated availability early August to mid September 2024

Ride Style
Park / Freestyle
Added mobility and range of motion for more expressive riding
Versatile and responsive, ideal for riding all types of terrain
Binding Straps
All-day comfort and performance with added design features
4-Hole + Channel
Fits standard 4-hole and The Channel® mounting systems


Designed for park riders who crave a soft and forgiving feel, the Yale snowboard bindings are a favorite among Fix's team riders. Building on the success of the Magnum binding, the Yale offers a softer flex that's perfect for jibbing, carving, and performing tricks. For superior boot hold and a customized fit, the Yale features memory gel ankle straps and lightweight injected toe straps. These adjustable straps conform to the unique shape of your boot, keeping your foot secure and supported without sacrificing comfort. The Yale also boasts a strong and rigid aluminum heel cup. This ensures that you have the stability and support you need to land those big tricks with confidence, even in the toughest conditions. So grab a pair of Yale bindings and experience the perfect blend of comfort, adjustability, and support to take your park riding to the next level.

Key Features
  • First Shot Nylon
  • Paint Free Nylon
  • Tool-Less Tech
  • Glass Fill Nylon Highback
  • Tool Free Forward Lean
  • 3 Position Tool Free Highback Rotation
  • 4x4 Disc with 2 Hole Slider Compatibility
  • Lifetime Base & Tray


Key Features

First Shot Nylon - Every highback and base tray uses first shot pure nylon. No regrind, no old material that make bindings weak and susceptible to breakage. Instead of putting it back in their bindings, Fix upcycles the regrind material and uses it to make their heavy duty binding boxes.

Paint Free Nylon - Fix doesn't paint the major components of their bindings for several reasons. The first reason is that nylon gets stronger with age; it absorbs the moisture from the environment so painting a binding would seal in that nylon and prevent the aging improvement process. The second reason is durability. No scratches, no chipping. The final reason is paints and lacquers are toxic and Fix believes that brands must do better to help the environment even if it means that it costs more to do so from a production standpoint.

Tool-Less Tech - Get your setup just right without having to worry about bringing a tool along. Fast, easy, simple—that's Fix.


3 Position Tool Free Highback Rotation - Lean the highback forward and click it into one of three positions for the perfect angle.


4x4 Disc with 2 Hole Slider Compatibility - Fix bindings mount to 4x4, 4x2 as well as the 2 hole slider system.


Lifetime Base & Tray - Lifetime Warranty: Buckles and Base Trays

1 Year Warranty: Everything Else


Men's Boot Sizes (US):8 - 10.5 10 - 13