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College dropouts, Mike Olson and Pete Saari started GNU Snowboards in 1984 under Mervin Mfg. Mike had been building snowboards for several years at this point and became an innovative leader with many firsts including deep carving sidecuts. But having high-quality products was only part of the strategy. GNU slowly grew an organic team of ripping riders including X Games champions, Barrett Christy and Danny Kass, providing global media coverage. Today, GNU remains a top contributor to the evolution of snowboarding through design and manufacturing.

All GNU snowboards are designed, tested, and handcrafted by a team of passionate snowboarders at Mervin Mfg. And what’s even better is they care just as much about the environmental impact of their manufacturing process as they do about fresh pow turns. You can feel even better with that GNU snowboard under your feet knowing that it was produced at Mervin Mfg’s zero hazardous waste facility in Sequim, WA.