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2020 Skolf Championship | Back to Back Wins with Nora Beck


Under unusually sunny skies for Oregon this time of year, the 2020 Airblaster Skolf Finals went off without a hitch last week on Mt. Hood. Stoked riders and industry heads converged on an intricately manicured 18 hole course masterfully crafted by the hard-working park crew at Timberline Freestyle. Unfamiliar with Skolf? It's the brain-child of the creative crew at Airblaster. Imagine a game of SKATE, on snow, with golf scorekeeping. Simple formating combined with technical features and tricks makes this annual series arguably one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

Check out the full recap above from Snowboarder Mag, and congrats to team rider Nora Beck for taking top honors on the women's podium two years in a row. 


Skolf'ers gonna Skolf.

Spin the wheel of chance. 

Stan. The man with a plan.

Demetri Bales skating his way to 3rd place.

Airblaster marketing guy Jack Hewitt approves.

Veteran Skolf'ers Max Tokunaga and Tucker Andrews.

Hole in one.

Nora Beck after a challenging par 4.

Ladies Podium: Nora Beck, Madison Blackley, Naima Antolin