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Art-Lab: "Moments Until Memories" by Desiree Melancon


Moments Until Memories was a concept that’s been underdeveloped but at the forefront of my mind for a while. It’s still unfinished, but the point with the Tactics Art Lab was to create bits and pieces of things that were founded on the principles of human fulfillment. What you need, what keeps you safe, where you belong, how you see yourself, and you. Every time I considered this modified hierarchy of needs, my mind would distract me from the things that nourish my sense of self, which always landed on nature and human connection. I’m a foot out the door kind of person, always looking to the next thing regardless of how great the current moment is… I think that’s a relatable place to be... How many times do we have to remind ourselves to notice the moments that matter? I miss the moments when remembering the memories, and when the memories fade, I become nostalgic for how it felt to be with the ones I love and or loved. There’s also a melancholic undertone that some won’t always be there, additionally, you won’t always be there. It became a drive through exploring the abstraction of desire mixed with necessity, but acknowledging that I don’t need to be so existential, it could be simple, it could be what we already have, and had, and need.” - Desiree Melancon





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