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The Road to Ms. Superpark 2020 | Catching up with Nora Beck

Snowboarder Magazine's #MsSuperpark 2020 went down last week at Eldora Mountain, Colorado. We got the chance to catch up with "Stand-Out" award winner and Tactics team rider, Nora Beck, who was in attendance for her second year in a row to pick her brain about the event, Colorado, and what it means to be recognized at one of women's snowboarding most esteemed events. 


First off, congratulations on the Ms. Superpark "Stand-Out" Award! How does it feel to be recognized in an event stacked with so many ripping female riders? 

It's such an honor I can't really explain. I've looked up to every one of the ten women before me on that standout list and to be able to have my name next to Kimmy Fasani, Marie France Roy, everyone else is insane. Pinch me!

Who gave you the invite to Ms. Superpark? How many years have you been a part of the event?

I got an email from Pat Bridges about 3 weeks ago and penciled it into my schedule. This is only my second year but I'm looking forward to more!

You’ve spent a decent amount of time in Colorado this year between the Dew Tour and now Ms. Superpark. What are three words that you would use to describe the Colorado scene?

Weed, Wooks, & Weather.

What was your favorite feature at Ms. Superpark?

They put a normal flat box straight up on a little hill in a tree and that was pretty fun. 

During the event who is your favorite rider(s) to watch and why?

Ylfa (Runars) was flying everywhere and it was awesome to watch. 

Tell me about the most interesting thing that happened while you were at Ms. Superpark.

Well, on day 3 they had to kick us out of the park mid-day because a helicopter was coming in to pick up someone who’d run into a tree.

What kind of playlist did you have to get you stoked for the event?

Kid Rock.

What board, boot, and bindings were you riding?

Mint Boa Boots, Lexa Pro Bindings and the Talent Scout, all by Burton. :)

What events are you excited to go to next?


What projects do you have in the works?

You will see...

Last words and shout outs?

Shout out to Pat Bridges for being the best and always supportive, and Tactics for all you do!






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P: Mary Walsh

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