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Free Shipping - Orders Over $50

Staff Picks | 2020 Snowboard Gear

Kevin Nimick

Portland Shop Manager



"The Gearhart jacket is lightweight, dry, and unpretentious. Mt. Bakers’ Ski Patrol has been running the same jackets for the past 4 years, and doesn’t want to give them up!"

Rider Picks

Thomas McGrath

Eugene Shop Manager


Oz Zehren

Bend Shop Associate



"The Snuggler mitt keeps me warm on the coldest of days and I’ve found the new palm to be very durable. Best mitt ever!"

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Jordan DeMoss

Snow Marketing Manager



"Hands down the best baselayer ever, and possibly the best thing invented since snowboarding, the Airblaster Ninja suit is something I never go the mountain without. It's comfortable, warm and great for post shred antics."

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Sam Goldberg-Jaffe

Portland Assistant Shop Manager



"I like the Airblaster Beast bib because they are not too baggy, and not too tight. I also tomahawk on pow days a lot and they keep me dry."

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Rachael Warner

Portland Shop Associate


Trever Hayes

Brand Manager



“The L Gore-Tex jacket packs the most bang for the buck in my opinion and you just can’t beat Volcom’s Zip-Tec. It basically turns your kit into a one-piece body oven by keeping the snow and wind out.”

Rider Picks

Ross Druckrey

Skate Marketing Manager



"The Guide jacket offers functionality and superior Gore-Tex protection in a simple design. I've been rocking this jacket for a few seasons now and it's by far one of the most durable jackets I have ever owned."

Rider Picks

Brian Zager

Bend Shop Associate



"I've done the skinny pant thing and I've done the not so waterproof thing and I'm over it. The Volcom Rain Gore-Tex bibs are the best."

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Kevin Holmes

Portland Shop Associate



"Ashburys' are the only goggles I’ve worn for the last 10 years. They aren’t too big on my face, the peripherals are wide, and I’ve never had a problem with fogging."

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