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Staff Infection

Creativity is contagious, and the humans of Tactics are sick with it.

We opened a laboratory to study this phenomenon - taking artwork specimens from the furthest reaches of the Tactosphere™. Our hypothesis was correct: We found everything was infected by our staff. The creativity was beyond containment. The result is what we call, “Staff Infection”. 

Each project features original artwork from a Tactics coworker. We want to highlight the diverse and brilliant humans that work here. Staff Infection boards will be printed in limited numbers, so get them while they’re hot. Who will be featured next? No department is safe. Stay tuned as the infectious creativity spreads.

Aidan Murphy | Noah Denker

Aidan Murphy

  Dookie Staff Infection   TacticsDookie$47.95Shop

Noah Denker

TacticsTrillium 8.25$44.95Shop