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Tactics Art Lab: Bryce Wong Collection


“I think that if you want to make something, and like what you're making, you should just do it and not worry about what other people think..."

From designing shoes for Nike SB, creating interactive art, to self tattooing, Bryce literally has his hands in, on, and around nearly everything. We were fortunate to collaborate with Bryce on our Spring 22 Art Lab collection.

Drawing inspiration from the adventure van community of the Pacific Northwest, Bryce created a series of prints depicting his favorite vans and a safari-approved adventure kit including a limited run of custom Ripstop button-up, wave pant, and boonie hat. 

We were so moved by the quality of the safari kit that we decided to start our own Tactics Nature Show to showcase this gear in the wild. Keep scrolling to join our guy, Mikey Crikey, as he embarks on a quest to find the Pacific Northwest Skata'. 


bryce wong art lab capsule