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Switch 40" Longboard Deck

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Color: skull
Size: 40in
Color: skull
Size: 40in
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When you are looking for stability, nothing beats a drop longboard. This board also has the advantage of a 32" wheelbase which enables it to handle any hill. Lower your center of gravity and race at lightning fast speeds with confidence. This drop even makes a commute to school fun and for pushing long distance this is the quintessential longboard for your quiver.

Ride Style
  • Commuter
  • Downhill
Mounting Style
  • Top Mount
Deck Profile
  • Drop Down
Deck Shape
  • Symmetrical
Deck Features
  • Cutouts
  • Deep Concave
Grip Type
  • Black Grip
  • 9-Ply Canadian Maple
Ride Style

Commuter - Longboards for general cruising, ideal for experienced skaters and beginners alike. Never make the boring mistake of walking again: get your skate-commute on!

Downhill - A longboard designated for downhill is crafted specifically for high speeds. Get your full face helmet and head to the hills.

Mounting Style

Top Mount - The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel.

Deck Profile

Drop Down - Drop Down decks are constructed to dip down below where the trucks are mounted which means you're closer to the road for a really stable skateboard.

Deck Shape

Symmetrical - If you ever think you want to ride your board backwards (think freeride) than a symmetrical longboard shape will help you with the learning curve. Other than that, it's all preference.

Deck Features

Cutouts - Cutouts around the wheels provide the extra space required to prevent wheelbite.


Deep Concave - Deep concave is like a bucket-seat for your feet. It can be great for slides and provides a platform in the middle for downhill riding when you want your speed tuck to be pristine for the whole heat.


9-Ply Canadian Maple - Provides a solid ride without a ton of weight. Built with no flex whatsoever, this deck is ideal for high-speeds and super durable.

Eco Features

One Board One Tree - By partnering with TreeCanada; for every skateboard sold Landyachtz will plant a tree. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted.


Suggested Hardware for Risers - Landyachtz decks are thicker than traditional decks, so longer screws are needed when adding risers to your complete. When building a custom Landyachtz complete through Skateboard Builder, use the following Risers and Hardware guide to ensure your deck mounts up correctly:

No Riser = 1 1/4" Hardware

1/8" Risers = 1 1/2" Hardware

1/2" Risers = 2" Hardware

Most Angled Risers = 2" Hardware

Width (in):10.0
Length (in):40.0
Wheelbase (in):32.0
Nose (in):1.5
Tail (in):1.5
Concave (in):.5
Overall Rating
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Very good choice.
by Roy R.
Posted on 7/19/2018
Landyachtz Switch 40" Longboard Deck
I bought this deck to use as a commuter deck. There's a lot of real estate on this 40" deck for comfortable footing. The drop deck design really is that amazing. Easy, comfortable, and powerful kicking. Plus it has a much better sensation when carving. It's like your feet are in the turn rather than sitting as a passenger on top of the rotation. You're in a very stable place with this drop deck, and the foot channels are very comfortable.

I ride on a college campus where the main riding surface is very old brick. Over time, a good deal of undulations have developed. To make my board a more comfortable commuter that doesn't bottom out (very low ride height on this thing), I used 1/2" risers, Paris V2 180mm 50deg RKP trucks, and 65mm 78a wheels. Carves like a dream, rides like a cloud, and grips very well. I don't slide or do any major downhills, so take my review with a grain of salt if that's what you plan to do. The deck is a 9-ply and does not flex very much at all. I weigh 190lbs and do not put much, if any, bend in the board when riding.

Build, finish, and appearance of the board is incredible. Hell, I would use the deck without the graphic just because the wood grain is so gorgeous. Would recommend 100%.
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Asked by cade on 5/3/2015
Does this board come with the griptape in the picture, it's a land yachts switch 40
Answered by Jerome J (Tactics Employee) on 5/5/2015
Yes, it comes exactly as pictured with Landyachtz written on the grip tape.
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