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Never Summer Snowboards founders Tracey and Tim Canaday were first introduced to snowboarding on a trip to the mountains in 1982. The backcountry lines and surf-inspired movements had them hooked from the get-go. Following their passion for snowboarding and craftsmanship, the brothers began building prototype boards in a friend's shop in 1991. It was there that they first started developing a tougher and more durable perimeter sidewall for their boards. Years later they would patent the rocker-camber profile. This style of board is highly successful because it meets the demands of snowboarders who wanted more versatility out of their board. The ability to predict market trends and understand consumer desires continues to keep Never Summer one step ahead.

Never Summer centers their focus around product quality which is why they choose to invest profits back into manufacturing improvements. 100% of manufacturing processes take place at Colorado headquarters to maintain tighter care and control of the end product. Rather than expanding their marketing budget or buying out team riders, Never Summer relies on building their reputation through positive word of mouth which directly shows the level of confidence they have in their product.