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Orangatang Nipples Double Barrel Skate Bushings (2 Truck Set)

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Orangatang Nipples Double Barrel Skate Bushings (2 Truck Set) - orange (soft) - view large
orange (soft)
Color: orange (soft)
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The Nipples double barrel bushings from Orangatang are designed to provide a lively and energetic ride, Nipples will revitalize any setup for carving, pumping, dancing, freestyle and freeride.

These bushings are compatible with all longboard trucks available on our site

2 Truck Set
  • Features enough bushings for both your trucks
Dimensions (in)
  • Outer diameter: 1.0
  • Height (top/roadside): 0.56
  • Height (bottom/boardside): 0.66
Urethane Formula
  • Nipples are poured in their extremely high rebound Randy Urethane formula. They stumbled on this urethane a few years ago while testing ultra high rebound formulas for wheels, but Orangatang found this urethane to actually be too high rebound for a wheel urethane. Perfect for a bushing.
Recommened Weight
  • Soft (orange): 80-180 lbs [35-85 kg]
  • Medium (purple): 160-230 lbs [70-105 kg]
  • Hard (yellow): 200-270 lbs [90-125 kg]
  • Compatible With: Paris, Tracker Fastrack, Gullwing Charger II, and old (pre-2010) Bear trucks.
  • Mostly Compatible With: Nipples work with Randal trucks, but they do not sit completely contained in the bushing seat. Because the Randal bushing seat is so low, however, it does not interfere with the performance of the bushings. They fit Caliber trucks, but the lean becomes very restricted past a certain point.
  • Not Compatible With: New Bears, Gullwing Chargers, or Indys.
  • Many Orangatang ambassadors have also run Nipples in various precision trucks (e.g. Aera and Omen) with good results.
  • Nipples will fit in any truck that can accommodate a 1-inch diameter bushing with a height of 0.66 (bottom) and 0.56 (top) inch.
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Tasty bushings!
by M. Yahr in Bronx, NY (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/16/2014
Orangatang Nipples Double Barrel Skate Bushings (2 Truck Set)
My Carver CX/C2 trucks feed on these bushings. I've tried a few others but the Nipples are the fuel to my pumping setup. Lifespan depends on usage. I ride 85a in front and 87a rear and I get about 2 weeks of hard slashing before I notice significant performance loss. At 4 weeks they begin to tear on the kingpin. That said without these I would not go. I surf parking lots, cruise boardwalks, pump uphill. My favorite and most necessary bushing.
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