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Pepper G5 Skateboard Grip Tape

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  • 9 x 33


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Reviewed by 5 customers
Give it a try!?!
by Cornelius Epling in tacoma, WA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/18/2024
Pepper G5 Skateboard Grip Tape
Kinda rite in the middle of MOB VRS JESSUP.. grippy but not really ruff, super sparkly too!??????
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Pepper G5 grip review
by Luke Smith in Avondale Estates, GA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/15/2024
Pepper G5 Skateboard Grip Tape
Grippy, good.
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Best grip period
by Matt in CEDAR CITY, UT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/8/2024
Pepper G5 Skateboard Grip Tape
Grip is Grip right? That’s what I thought and I don’t no how or what they did but pepper grip there something from start to riding it that’s just great. From start it goes on so easy and smooth no bubbles and if u crease it and have to pull it up unlike mob and some others when they are creased and u full it up u can fix the crease but ther will be a mark u can’t get off. Pepper rio it rite back off and put it on again and crease gone and no mark left behind that u can’t get off. And it rides like u went gently over it with a piece of grip just to smooth it out a bit. But u don’t have to. It’s so good and how I don’t know
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by Matthew
Posted on 2/28/2023
Pepper G5 Skateboard Grip Tape
If you're looking for something grittier than Jessup but a step down from Mob this is your answer. It applies better than Mob as well. Love the way this grip looks too it has a nice shine to it. Pepper is the truth.
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Great quality grip
by Julio Chacon
Posted on 5/1/2022
Pepper G5 Skateboard Grip Tape
I’ve always ridden Mob, and it’s amazing grip tape don’t get me wrong but I’ve always had trouble with getting a crease on the side of my nose when I grip a new board, it never fails which is weird because they say no air bubbles and for me it’s always been to grippy, so much so that a lot of people I know sand it down a bit, but after trying this stuff I’m sold. It sticks good no creases no bubbles, although I will admit that it was abit hard to cut, but that could have been me needing a new blade. The grip is perfect new shoes, old shoes it works. And it has a really sick shine to it like you would see pros in old videos have almost like if they had special grip tape that only they could get, so nostalgia points for that. Been riding it on a board for a month and still going strong so I definitely recommend it if your looking for another alternative that’s as good as mob
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