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Pro-Tec Helmets and Pads

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ProTec Street Elbow Skate Pads - camoProTec Street Elbow Skate Pads camo $23.95 (17% off)
ProTec Street Elbow Skate Pads - retroProTec Street Elbow Skate Pads retro $23.95 (17% off)

Pro-Tec is the original action sports helmet brand. Established in 1973, Pro-Tec has over 45 years of experience in designing helmets for adrenaline junkies. With a style that looks good on everyone, a Pro-Tec helmet is oftentimes the first accessory any new action sport enthusiast picks up because we all know there is a fairly steep learning curve to most any discipline.

Two things are certain when you start skateboarding, snowboarding, or any action sport for that matter. First off, you will have a really good time. Secondly, you will be falling down a lot. Pro-Tec safety gear strives to keep you safe when you take those inevitable slams. Pro-Tec offers optimal safety equipment for beginner and advanced riders alike. There is a reason why some of the most advanced riders in the world choose Pro-Tec. It’s because they have taken those heavy slams and know the importance of using the right protection. Pro-Tec allows them to continually push the envelope in their respective sport.

If you are looking to invest in your safety you have come to the right spot. As far as selection goes, there is plenty of different Pro-Tec gear to choose from including skateboard helmets and snowboard helmets. We also have knee pads, elbow pads, and even knee and elbow pad sets if you need both. Simply put, Pro-Tec allows you to ride with greater confidence.