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Medic Insoles

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Remind's goal is to help fellow riders achieve their full potential and comfort in what they live and love to do every day. Remind takes pride in the fact that they are a rider owned company that is dedicated to delivering superior insole products.

The Medic has a four-layer foam impact rebound system made up of the highest quality materials built to withstand every type of footwear abuse. Its anti-microbial and anti-friction fabric systems reduce hot spots and blisters, keeps the feet cool, dry, odorless and gives you excellent foot grip for enhanced control and stability.

Key Features

Custom Forming - Custom forming technology molds to your specific foot details for intricate support and even weight distribution.

Proper Alignment - Remind insoles are engineered to support your foot's natural movements by aligning your body’s joints and alleviating stress. The ankles, knees, hips and spine will fall into straight alignment when the foot and arch are supported with the Remind orthotic shape.

BLUE MAGIC - Blue Magic is a state of the art shock absorbing smart foam that will out-perform any other product on the market. Blue Magic can absorb massive amounts of energy while maintaining a soft feel. Not only is it built for heavy impacts, but it's also extremely durable and won't pack out or wear down.

High Performance - Lightweight, high performance, responsive, and durable material that provides high energy return and doesn't break down.

Anatomical Arch Support - Semi-rigid insert that flexes perfectly with your foot's mechanical movements that's been bio-mechanically engineered for proper anatomical alignment. This enhances your performance and provides joint pressure relief.

Anti-Microbial - Anti-microbial, anti-friction system that reduces hot spots, keeps feet cool, dry, and odorless.

Moisture Wicking - Every insole has a 100% organic treatment that wicks away moisture and odor, leaving your feet dry and smelling good.

Four Tech - Four layer construction that absorbs shock, ensures lasting wear and provides structural support.

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Their grrrreat!
by Foster Gatchel in Wabash, IN (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 9/10/2020
Remind Insoles Medic Insoles - jamie lynn
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by Foster Gatchel in Wabash, IN (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 9/10/2020
Remind Insoles Medic Insoles - jamie lynn bald face
It's grrrrreat!
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No more pain.
by Riki Wheelie in Philly (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/10/2020
Remind Insoles Medic Insoles - jamie lynn bald face
I've always had instep pain for first few runs then it would go away. Used these for first time, good support, pain-free from first run on. Always found my boots comfortable overall, now more so.
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by Nick D. in Fairbanks, AK (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/9/2020
Remind Insoles Medic Insoles - bryan iguchi
Comfy with good support. Put in a few full days in them and the feet feel good. And oh yeah...the graphics!
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Cush Insoles
by MJ
Posted on 2/2/2019
Remind Insoles Medic Insoles
I’m not only a skater but also a bartender and I wear them while at work and during skate sessions and they provide me the most comfort. I found these to not only be comfortable for standing during an 8 plus hour shift, but they also have an amazing arch support.. Genius creation...
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Reminded me to stop buying insoles
by "Generic Tactics Customer" in Feet Hurt, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/14/2016
Remind Insoles Medic Insoles - clouds
They look nice and have good arch support but not much shock absorption at all. I wasn't able to commit to trying to skate in them even for flat ground or ledges. I haven't been able to find an after market insole that is worth spending extra money on. Not These or the Footprint Game Changers. I would not recommend these over the Vans Pro insole, not for skateboarding anyway.
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