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Sector 9 Shock Pad Riser Set - blackSector 9 Shock Pad Riser Set black $4.95 (17% off)

Considered one of the pioneers in the longboard industry, Sector 9 roots date back to 1993 at a classic surf and skate pad in southern California. It is there where Sector 9 first developed a following which would amass to a global level in only a few short years.

Sector 9 believes in fully embracing the brand mantra of ‘SMASH IT,’ meaning that when the energy is there and the mood is right, that next carve or grind is yours for the taking. With endless hill bombs and hairpin turns out there, it is always a good time to pick up a Sector 9 longboard or cruiser board. And if you are not in the market for a complete, then maybe it’s time for a set of those ultra-grippy Sector 9 soft wheels or a new set of bearings.