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SIMS UAP Snowboard 2023SIMS UAP Snowboard 2023 $365.95 (40% off)
SIMS Bowl Squad Snowboard 2023SIMS Bowl Squad Snowboard 2023 $233.95 (40% off)
SIMS Nub Snowboard 2023SIMS Nub Snowboard 2023 $371.95 (40% off)
SIMS ATV Snowboard 2023SIMS ATV Snowboard 2023 $311.95 (40% off)
SIMS ATV-X Splitboard (Closeout) 2022SIMS ATV-X Splitboard (Closeout) 2022 $479.95 (40% off)

SIMS was founded in 1976 by Tom Sims, a true pioneer and world champion in skateboarding and snowboarding. Tom had one simple goal in mind when he established SIMS; to create the world's leading surf, skate and snow brand. His dedication and passion for developing his brand allowed him to confidently progress into uncharted territory and turn his visions into a reality.

Since then, SIMS has revolutionized the sports of skateboarding and snowboarding with forward-thinking concepts, product innovations, and an amazing list of pro riders who helped grow and progress the brand. As the first established action-sports brand, the philosophy of SIMS has always been simple: build products for skateboarders and snowboarders that function, and are most importantly fun.