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ATV Snowboard 2019

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black top / white base / black text
Color: black top / white base / black text
Size: Size Chart
Color: black top / white base / black text
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Ride Style
All Mountain
Versatile boards, ideal for riding all conditions across the entire mountain
Offers the most pop and response, stable at speed
Directional Twin
Versatile shape, performs best ridden regular but rides switch well too
Medium Stiff
Increased support and control for bigger or aggressive riders

The ATV is an intermediate to advanced level snowboard built for all-terrain riders and is the original prototype that Gigi Rüf used to launch Slash. The powerful camber profile and directional twin shape is built for high ollies and aggressive carves, and the Forever Core blends a mix of high-end woods that boost durability and ensure a lasting flex. The outer fiberglass shell promises robust end-to-end pop, while additionally providing flex from heel to toe for extra bite during deep turns. A strategic blend of Basalt and Kevlar under your feet dramatically boost response when carving, and energy return when loading up for airs. If you're on market for a high-quality camber board with a stiffer flex rating that can handle any run on the mountain, the ATV is the one to get.

Camber Profile
  • Camber
  • Forever Wood Core
  • Buried Treasure Stringers
  • Reactive Flex Stringers
  • Diamond Stone Finish
  • Sintered HD Base
Artwork By
  • Geoff McFetridge
  • Ultimate Traction Bumps
  • Progressive Sidecut
  • Factory Waxed
Camber Profile

Camber - The Classic snowboard design, Gigi Rüf style. The Slash Camber gives you awesome edge control with plenty of stability and ollie power. Slash's Camber provides spring for turns and kickers while letting you stomp out landings for washout prevention.


Forever Wood Core - Combines four different wood cores: paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar, which reduces weight while increasing reactivity, pop and longevity in extreme conditions. Slash uses only European FSC wood species assembled and profiled in their Swiss woodshop.


Buried Treasure Stringers - This is the ultimate combination of carbon, Kevlar and basalt fibers developed to benefit all the aspects of your board. This material combination is lightweight yet very strong, and allows Slash to slim the core thickness, which increases response.

Reactive Flex Stringers - Extremely advanced board technology composed of two unique fiberglass layouts in combination with the lightweight wood core assembled and profiled by Slash's engineers in Switzerland. Reactive Flex gives provides the ability to also flex across the width. So, however you bend the board it will react the best way imaginable.

For example if you jump on a park rail for a boardslide, the board's edges lift up, creating a convex base which minimizes your chance of catching an edge. When carving a turn, it works the other way around. The board edges flex downward, creating a concave base which makes your edge bite more into the turns.


Diamond Stone Finish - Slash adds a slight diamond-structured stone grind to the base to maximize glide and optimize durability. It eliminates the slow, suction cup feel that comes with one-dimensional base finishes.

Sintered HD Base - The fastest and densest sintered base on the market today, and is also the most impact-resistant surface available. This performance base holds wax longer to keep you at the head of the pack.


Ultimate Traction Bumps - Ultimate Traction is a small counter radius (bump) placed in the middle of the board's sidecut. By positioning this bump instead of using a traditional sidecut, Slash improved edge hold and center stability by not only relying on the board's outside contact points. This gives you more control of your board, especially on ice, less fatigue turning the board and lots more fun.

Progressive Sidecut - Sidecut makes a snowboard turn. Progressive Sidecut is Slash's enhanced sidecut design that makes the board's contact points more relevant for smoother turns.

Width:Standard Wide
Suggested Boot Size (US):10.5 & under 12 & under
Waist Width (cm):25.3 26.0
Weight Range (lbs):135 - 175 145 - 185
Stance Set Back (in):.5 .5
Sidecut Radius (m):7.4 7.9
Tip Length (cm):22.0 20.5
Tail Length (cm):22.0 20.5
Tip Width (cm):29.4 30.2
Tail Width (cm):29.4 30.2
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 3 customers

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Great Board
by Mike D. in Hoboken, NJ (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/1/2017
Slash ATV Snowboard (Closeout)
This board is definitely one of my favorites so far. This thing turns on a dime even in that nasty Northeast ice.
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The perfect board....
by CascadeBoarder
Posted on 1/30/2017
Slash ATV Snowboard
I picked up the 2016 model recently and I cannot say enough good things about this. Its stable, predictable, light and feels lively. I have ridden camber boards for my 18 years of snowboarding and to me there is absolutely no comparison for the predictability, and all around domination of camber. Get this board and remember what it feels like to confidently push it to the limit!
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Slash ATV review
by TheSnowBro
Posted on 12/17/2014
Slash ATV Snowboard
The Slash ATV is directional twin built that can be ridden anywhere. It’s lightweight and fast but it’s a little slow to initiate turns.
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