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Slash Spectrum Snowboard 2017

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154 top
Color: 154 top
Size: 154 Size Chart
Color: 154 top
Size: 154
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Recommended Use
Park / Freestyle
Ideal for boxes, rails and jumps. Turn the hill into your own skatepark
A stable, responsive ride with a forgiving feel
Designed to ride in your usual stance with a longer nose than tail
Stability, response and control that’s well suited for most types of riding
The Slash Spectrum snowboard has a completely flat profile that evenly distributes your weight for greater stability. Flat profiles are easy to turn, press, and load up power for ollies. You'll also have a much harder time catching an edge, and that's a big plus. You won't get the aggressive edge hold and pop of traditional camber, but you can look forward to much more control than rocker. Reactive Flex helps you avoid getting hung up on rails thanks to a unique fiberglass inlay pattern that allows the board to flex evenly across the width. Gigi only used the choicest poplar and beech hardwood for the core, ensuring a consistent flex and lasting energy return. Essentially, you're looking at a professionally designed slay that makes riding any surface fun. That was Gigi's goal.
Key Features
  • Zero Camber
  • Dual Wood Core
  • Reactive Flex Stringers
  • Sintered Base
  • Ultimate Traction Bumps
  • Steel Edges
  • Progressive Sidecut
Key Features

Zero Camber - Forgiving and versatile, a neutral profile simply means there is no rise in the board between the inserts. This allows the board to lay completely flush with the snow, distributing pressure evenly in a "neutral" fashion when you're strapped in.

This design provides you with a looser and more catch-free experience on the board, giving you easier ollie power and a more pop-friendly ride.


Dual Wood Core - Arranged with premium strips of poplar for a lightweight and smooth flex with added beech hardwood stringers tip to tail through the inserts for durability and increased control and response.


Reactive Flex Stringers - The most advanced board technology available today! A composition of two unique fiberglass layouts in combination with the lightweight wood core assembled and profiled by Slash's engineers in Switzerland. Reactive Flex gives board's the ability to also flex across the width. So, however you bend the board it will react the best way imaginable.

For example if you jump on a park rail for a boardslide, the board's edges lift up, creating a convex base which minimizes your chance of catching an edge. When carving a turn, it works the other way around. The board edges flex downward, creating a concave base which makes your edge bite more into the turns.


Sintered Base - This sintered base is fast, dense, durable, and ready to perform. It has been specially made for all your street and park needs.


Ultimate Traction Bumps - Ultimate Traction is a small counter radius (bump) placed in the middle of the board's sidecut. By positioning this bump instead of using a traditional sidecut, Slash improved edge hold and center stability by not only relying on the board's outside contact points. This gives you more control of your board, especially on ice, less fatigue turning the board and lots more fun.

Steel Edges - Slash's edges have 35% more steel than stock edges from other companies. This makes the edges stronger and more durable to enhance the life of the board.

Progressive Sidecut - Sidecut makes a snowboard turn. Progressive Sidecut is Slash's enhanced sidecut design that makes the board's contact points more relevant for smoother turns.

Suggested Boot Size (US):10.5 & under
Waist Width (cm):25.2
Weight Range (lbs):130 - 170
Stance Set Back (in):0

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