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Sour Skateboards

Welcome to Sour, a solution to everything too sweet in skateboarding. A quick Google search will provide you with hours of hard hitting skateboarding that awarded them EU Brand of the Year for 2016. Featuring pro models from Gustav Tonnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Daniel Spangs, Koffe Hallgren, Nisse Ingemarsson, Albert Nyberg, Barney Page, and the living EU legend EJP, get your Sour fix right here at Tactics.

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Sour Hourglass Hoodie - black/greenSour Hourglass Hoodie black/green $55.95 (25% off)
Sour Hourglass T-Shirt - black/greenSour Hourglass T-Shirt black/green $23.95 (25% off)
Sour EAN Strapback Hat - redSour EAN Strapback Hat red $23.95 (33% off)
Sour Stripes T-Shirt - navy/whiteSour Stripes T-Shirt navy/white $29.95 (25% off)
Sour EJP PGA 8.125 Skateboard DeckSour EJP PGA 8.125 Skateboard Deck $39.95 (20% off)
Sour Army L/S T-Shirt - whiteSour Army L/S T-Shirt white $21.95 (42% off)
Sour EAN Strapback Hat - whiteSour EAN Strapback Hat white $22.95 (36% off)
Sour Army T-Shirt - greySour Army T-Shirt grey $19.95 (38% off)
Sour Army T-Shirt - blackSour Army T-Shirt black $20.95 (34% off)
Sour Hourglass Polo Shirt - whiteSour Hourglass Polo Shirt white $29.95 (40% off)