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Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings

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Spitfire approved for speed. The removable shields keep the crud out, and the durable cage and steel races make for smooth rolling.

  • ABEC 3
  • Set of 8 Bearings



ABEC 3 - The ABEC scale is essentially a measurement of bearing tolerance for high precision bearings as dictated by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC). The scale runs from ABEC 1 through ABEC 9 using odd integers only. Essentially, the higher up on the scale a bearing is rated the tighter the tolerance is.

Tighter bearing tolerance means that the bearing moves with less resistance at high speeds, giving you a bit more roll for your push. In general most ABEC 3 or ABEC 5 bearings have steel races (shell of the bearing) with hardened steel ball bearings, and most ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings feature steel races with super hard (much harder than steel) ceramic or titanium bearings.


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 25 customers
Hit or miss
by Leraun Jackson in joplin, MO (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/18/2024
Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings
Sometimes i can hear and feel the bearing grinding sometimes they roll effortlessly, never any major issues
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Good for the price
by Troy Cerutti in El Cajon, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 11/24/2022
Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings
Definitely would recommend keeping the shields on. I ran mine raw and they didn’t like that, but always can be cleaned and re oiled. The all black look is fire and rust resistant. Sick.
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Pretty cool
by Carson Vona in Lake Havasu City, AZ (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 9/17/2022
Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings
Spins nice
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Great for the price
Posted on 7/10/2022
Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings
I had these for a long time and never gave me any issues and are really fast.
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Didn't last well for me
by Scott
Posted on 12/12/2021
Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings
I'm down with cheap bearings, but had a one of these break skating flat ground after about two weeks of infrequent skating. Maybe I just got unlucky. Tactics rules. Deluxe rules too, but I probably wouldn't try these bearings again.
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Decent for the price
by Nate in Venice, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 9/27/2021
Spitfire Cheapshots Skateboard Bearings
Pretty fast for Abec 3s. I like it.
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