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WKND Skateboards

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WKND Circle Logo T-Shirt - ash greyWKND Circle Logo T-Shirt ash grey $19.95 (33% off)

What started out as comedy skits with some skating mixed in known as ‘weekendtage’ has turned into one of the most original brands in skateboarding. Filmer and ‘email sender’, Grant Yansura and his wacky friends from Florida have come a long way from their high school days but WKND skateboards still embodies the fun and creative side of skating.

The WKND Skateboards crew sits at a round table when it comes to company hierarchy. The team riders contribute to skit ideas and product direction although not every idea leaves the ground. The organic humor that does make the cut is the backbone of the brand and what makes it stand out. The WKND skateboards team mobs to skate spots in a minivan and they may have a slight N64 addiction but they know how to emphasize the fun in skateboarding and that’s why we back them.