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WKND Skateboards

WKND Skateboards is an independent skateboard company based in LA and the brainchild of Grant Yansura. You may know Yansura as a filmer for Nike SB and the guy behind Cosmic Vomit videos. Shop for WKND Skateboards at Tactics.

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WKND Bucket Hat - khakiWKND Bucket Hat khaki $43.95
WKND Dedo T-Shirt - harbor blueWKND Dedo T-Shirt harbor blue $18.95 (41% off)
WKND Bambino Beanie - blueWKND Bambino Beanie blue $13.95 (42% off)
WKND Sir Palmer T-Shirt - redWKND Sir Palmer T-Shirt red $15.95 (39% off)
WKND Collison Beanie - redWKND Collison Beanie red $13.95 (42% off)
WKND Tonal T-Shirt - navyWKND Tonal T-Shirt navy $18.95 (41% off)
WKND Mariposa Strapback Hat - greenWKND Mariposa Strapback Hat green $21.95 (39% off)
WKND Truman Show T-Shirt - navyWKND Truman Show T-Shirt navy $21.95 (31% off)