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Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks

$39.95 - $45.95
21 Reviews
Color: silver
Size: 8.5 axle Size Chart
Size: 8.5 axle
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The 44 Hi trucks from Ace were designed for surf-inspired turns with an easy flow and a smooth grind. The hanger makes you think old-school, but nothing about how the 44 can grind rails or jump stairs is from the '80s. Grab a pair today and find out what everyone wants to roll on.
Baseplate Style
  • Standard
  • Set of 2 Trucks
Non-Compatible Risers
  • Diamond
  • Girl
  • Independent
  • Loaded
  • Paris
Note on Hanger Shape
  • The hangers are not bent or defective, the bend you see in the images is due to the curved hanger construction which allows you to more easily lock into grinds.
Sizing Reference

Sizing Image - Every truck company seems to represent their truck sizing a little differently, so it's easy to get confused, particularly if you're new to skateboarding. To avoid any potential confusion take a look at this image and then reference the size chart.

Non-Compatible Risers

Risers from the following brands are not compatible with the baseplates of these trucks.

Diamond, Girl, Independent, Loaded, Paris
Size8.5 axle
Hanger (mm):146.05
Board Range (in):8.25 - 8.75
Height (mm):53
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Reviewed by 21 customers

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by Frank Ilacqua in Colorado Springs, CO (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/23/2017
Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks - silver
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Best trucks ever
by Jugg in Atl (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/3/2017
Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks - silver
Great trucks! I've been on Indy 149's for a while and wanted to try these and I am pleasantly surprised. They turn better than indies and the stock bushings are way better. I took out a washer because they wouldn't get loose enough outta the box, but now they're money. They also grind better than indies. They last long and the pivot cups are good.
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by Ya motha in PA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/26/2017
Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks - silver
Rode Indy 149s for years. Might stick with these from now on. Love how these break in, but I'd suggest some bones bushings since the stock ones take a while to set in.
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by buck as buck.
Posted on 4/22/2017
Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks
super great turning, thru out the lifetime. the 44's are 8.5" i dont know what they are talking about. i love the look of these a lot when grinded down. it's like indy and thunder had a baby and named it ace. the only thing i don't enjoy is i noticed the geometry is a lot different than indy. indy has so much forgiveness when landing. ace seems to easily lose it's balance when pressure is applied. be sure to not use big wheels with the low's if you like loose. i hope ace re-does some things about the model now, like i said they are unforgiving at times. i also noticed pressure-needed tricks are easier but can be less predictive. i loved these when i loved them but i'm gonna stick with indy(: Bushings: 8/10-take some time to break in. pivot cups are good too, but get squeaky fast.
Grinding: 8/10-they can slip off easily since they are rounded, maybe it's just the metal. be careful!
Speed: 7/10-when bombing hills they can get gnarly speed wobbles. i ate crap once when i first got them. of course it's my fault tho.
Durability: 7/10-they last a while, but not as much as indy. they grind for so long.
Weight: 8/10-pretty light. perfect honestly. maybe under the hangar could have some grooves for less weight.
Looks: 9/10-people always ask if those are indy's, haha. they look like them from far away. (co-manager made them, so duh)
Overall: 8/10-great but needs a few tiny improvements, at least for my preference.
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by buck
Posted on 2/5/2017
Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks
The trucks are great, grind good, turn quick they are also pretty light. I did swap the bushings with bones, However this trucks axle length is actually 8.25" so these work better for boards 7.8-8.25. so i wouldnt recommend these if you are skating an 8.5
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Best turning trucks on the market.
by Joshua Timm in Brentwood, TN (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 12/5/2016
Ace 44 Hi Skateboard Trucks 2016 - silver
Based on early Indy geometry( stage 3 , I think) these trucks will turn deeper and smoother than any other. I have skated almost every truck brand made and until I tried these was an Indy only guy. Ace only from now on...
Pros: deep carvey turn, best for skaters that like LOOSE trucks or lots of bowl/ transition. 44's have about an 8.25/ 8.3 width so they are practical for many size decks. Stable at speed even though they turn deep.
Cons: stock bushings not great. These work best with Krux or Indy soft bushings if you want quick break in time. Also not for skaters that don't like loose trucks. I mean like floppy loose. Hanger takes a little break in for grinds but smooths out after a few sessions. Keep in mind some of the older ones have an odd hanger shape and look bent- they are not bent, it's the design.
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Asked by Dan Rothwell on 3/11/2017
Would 55s be best for an 8.5 deck?
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 3/13/2017
I would recommend the 44's for an 8.5" deck.
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Asked by Chris Ho on 1/14/2017
How much do these weigh?
Answered by Sean D (Tactics Employee) on 1/16/2017
These weigh about 1.98 lbs as a pair.
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Asked by Al B on 8/13/2016
Is this the re-designed 44's? with the thicker hanger?
Answered by Graig A (Tactics Employee) on 8/16/2016
Yes they are the redesigned model
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Asked by mike on 10/8/2014
what size Ace truck goes with an 8.25
Answered by Tyler K (Tactics Employee) on 10/13/2014
Ace 44's would work great.
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