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Vice Speed Formula Longboard Wheels

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blue (80a)
Color: blue (80a)
Size: 69mm Size Chart
Color: blue (80a)
Size: 69mm
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The Arbor Vice Speed Formula wheels are some top notch freestyle wheels. The Groovetube core allows you to choose your line and get in and out of your slide with ease. The Sucrose Formula makes these wheels some of the longest lasting in the game without the guilty conscience of using other petroleum based wheels.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style
  • Freeride
Core Placement
  • Sideset
Wheel Edge
  • Round Lip
Surface Type
  • Stone Ground
Arbor Wheels
  • Eco-Friendly Wheels
  • Groovetube Core
  • Sucrose Formula
  • 80a
Ride Style

Freeride - Wanna get sideways? If "drifting, heel side standies, pendulums, and Coleman" are part of your vocabulary you're in the right place. For freeride wheels; a smaller contact patch, a stone ground finish, and rounded lip all help them slide easily, right out of the box.

A word to the wise: if you are just getting into freeride try out a smaller size wheel (think 60mm-65mm) with a harder durometer (82a or harder) because it will be easier to break away into a slide, making it easier to practice. Practice slides with friends and try different setups. Will you flat spot your first set of freeride wheels before coring them? Yes. Will they wear unevenly and leave you with a couple bruises? Absolutely. But, it gives you a whole new look at the hills, a whole new freedom. The great Cliff Coleman (father of downhill slide) says, “If you can crouch down and ride a skateboard, then you can learn this slide" as he talks about the classic Coleman slide.

As you gain experience, and speed, you'll find bigger wheels can be better because they will last longer and will be faster on the hill. Different durometers, center-set vs side-set or offset cores, and different urethane formulas will help in different weather/road conditions so make sure you experiment to find your favorites.

Freeride takes you to a new level of skating. Simply put, it's groundbreaking.

Core Placement

Sideset - Sideset wheels have cores that are directly aligned with the inner lip of the wheel. This core placement style has the least amount of grip because it allows little to no inner lip. Sideset wheels allow smooth slides to be easily initiated with little required force. However, their lack of grip also makes them harder to control while sliding.

A sideset core also causes the inner lip to wear much faster than the outer lip, which can result in severe coning. Despite their drawbacks, sideset wheels are still very popular for freeride, and a great choice for beginners who are learning to break traction on their longboards.

Wheel Edge

Round Lip - Rounded lips allow the wheel to break traction more easily and offer smoother transitions from grip to slide. Round lip wheels are generally preferred for freeriding.

Surface Type

Stone Ground - Stone ground wheels slide much easier than smooth wheels right out of the box. Stone ground wheels don't have an initial break-in period like smooth wheels, and offer predictable slides without having to wear down the wheel surface.

Arbor Wheels

Eco-Friendly Wheels - All Arbor wheels are made with an environmentally friendly sucrose-based, bio-urethane formula that reduces Arbor's reliance on harmful synthetic materials, while maintaining the highest level of performance.

Groovetube Core - The Groovetube Core has a wider "tube" profile that allows the wheel to hold its shape while still remaining flexible. The core design greatly improves grip, roll and slide. Though wide and supportive, the Groovetube Core is only 35mm tall, giving you more urethane on each wheel for a longer wheel life.

Sucrose Formula - Arbor's new Sucrose Formula significantly improves slide and grip performance, while allowing Arbor to deliver one of the longest lasting wheels on the market. It also begins to address, in a small but important way, the petroleum that is required during the creation of traditional urethane wheels.


80a - Soft with plenty of grip. You'll be able to smoothly roll over rough surfaces without getting hung-up on cracks or small rocks. These wheels are slightly harder than the standard 78a and are easier to initiate into slides and drifts. They offer great slide control and are more durable, but won't slow you down as quickly as 78a wheels. Ideal for cruising, carving, freeride, and downhill. Also a good filming duro as its a bit faster than some of the softer varieties.

Urethane skate wheels generally range from 75a-101a, the numbers increase with the hardness of the wheel.

Diameter (mm):69.0
Contact Patch (mm):35.5
Suggested Riser Size (in):1/2+

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