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Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings 2018

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Color: black
Size: Size Chart
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Recommended Use
All Mountain
Versatile, designed for riding all types of terrain
Medium Stiff
Increased response and support for riding all types of terrain
Lighter and stronger, the ultimate in response and all-around performance
4-Hole + Channel + 3D
Fits standard 4-hole, Burton Channel and 3D mounting systems
A prime example of the 40+ years of experience Burton brings to the table, the Genesis bindings are lightweight, comfortable and full of useful tech. To start with, the baseplate is made of a short-glass/Nylon composite throughout, giving you a uniform feel that's strong and flexible simultaneously. The FullBed Cushioning System made up of dual-density EVA foam is responsive to your weight and gives you better control. When you click in, you'll notice it's faster and easier to work with than other straps thanks to the hinge Hammockstrap that allows the straps to stay out of the way, when you need them to and that the Super Grip Capstrap™ molds to your boot easily and snuggly. Then there's the canted, Zero-Lean highback. The root position is zero forward-lean, allowing for a playful setup. However, the MicroFLAD™ lets you adjust your forward lean without tools and canting gives you the ollie advantage by shaping the highback to your body's shape.
Key Features
  • Re:Flex™ Baseplate
  • Double Take Buckles with Insta-Click
  • Flex Slider Ankle Strap Hinge
  • Lifetime Warranty (Limited, See Details)
  • Zero-Lean Hi-Back
  • 18% Short-Glass/Nylon Material: Soft Flex
  • Canted Hi-Back Design
  • MicroFLAD™ Forward Lean Adjuster
  • Hammockstrap Ankle Strap
  • Supergrip Capstrap™
  • Single Component Base Construction
  • 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Base: Happy Medium
  • AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System
  • B3 Gel Heel Cushioning
  • Why No Metal?
  • Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste
Key Features

Re:Flex™ Baseplate - With a minimized, cored baseplate and Living Hinge disc, RE:Flex dramatically improves board flex and feel, reduces weight, and opens the doors for all sorts of cushioning options.

Re:Flex increases board flex and feel by a whopping 71% for more natural taste and texture than that of traditional disc bindings, all in a package that's compatible with any platter, including 4-Hole insert patterns, Burton 3D hole patterns and the latest generation of The Channel.

The minimized, cored baseplate reduces weight by 20%, while a Living Hinge disc delivers heaps of flex and allows for all sorts of cushioned toppings.

Double Take Buckles with Insta-Click - Helical teeth and a complete rethink of the entire package results in "Insta-Click" immediate engagement, faster uptake, and fewer cranks to tightness. The result: vastly improved strength, speed and ease of use.

Flex Slider Ankle Strap Hinge - The Flex Slider makes strapping-in a breeze, thanks to a stretched hinging zone that allows the ankle strap to flex and fall fully open and out of the way of your boot. Easy in, easy out.

The Flex Slider is also stronger and worthy of Burton's Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Warranty (Limited, See Details) - Covered under manufacturer lifetime guarantee against breakage of the baseplate or heelcup along with defects in materials or workmanship. This lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover broken bindings due to abuse or neglect, damage caused by any modification done outside the manufacturer's facility, or lost parts due to lack of hardware maintenance.

Burton's Flex Slider hinged strap IS covered under their Lifetime Warranty.

Highbacks, other straps, ratchets and other binding components are not included under lifetime warranty.


Zero-Lean Hi-Back - Riders who prefer a more playful and relaxed feel will dig the new Zero-Lean design on select hi-backs. As always, you can still choose to crank 'em forward for quicker control when carving or climbing icy pipe walls.

18% Short-Glass/Nylon Material: Soft Flex - 18% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite Hi-Back - Park-engineered blend features ramped up strength and response in a soft-flexing package.

Canted Hi-Back Design - This ergonomic design follows the natural contours of your left and right legs to maximize control.

MicroFLAD™ Forward Lean Adjuster - The higher the forward lean angle on your Hi-Backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. Crank 'em forward for icy hits in the pipe, or back 'em off for jibbing.

MicroFLAD™ features mind-blowing, tool-free, micro-adjustability for even easier adjusting than the FLAD.


Hammockstrap Ankle Strap - Strap technology has evolved at warp speed and Burton's newest advance equals more power with less material. The secret is stitch-less 3D modeling that weaves a soft and ultralight hammock with a stiff spine to crank up response in Burton's most comfortable strap to date.

Supergrip Capstrap™ - This minimalist design merges two materials into one technologically advanced toe strap. A firmer material in the spine provides a supportive and lightweight skeleton, while a softer over-molded material improves boot wrap and comfort.


Single Component Base Construction - One material throughout creates consistent response and feel for all-terrain domination.

30% Short-Glass/Nylon Base: Happy Medium - 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite Baseplate - A bit more responsive yet still plenty playful.

AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System - Dual-density EVA automatically settles your boot into a natural position regardless of stance width or angles for improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and smoother, more direct board control.

B3 Gel Heel Cushioning - The same cushioning found in Burton's high-end boots are found in these binding footbeds, focused underneath the heels for unstoppable impact protection.

Why No Metal? - Why No Metal? Burton refuses to ride metal because it's too rigid, too heavy, and too likely to bend and distort. Instead, Burton crafts their bindings out of a variety of materials, each engineered to satisfy specific riding styles.


Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste - Burton believes that being environmentally and sustainably conscious is the best business practice out there. That is why they integrate recycled, re-ground material into the quality products they make everyday, which means less garbage in the landfill and more premium Burton gear for you.

Men's Boot Sizes (US):8 - 1110+
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Solid, Light, Über Control
by Eric Helmy (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/3/2017
Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings - black
Everything you want in a binding. No need for more unless you're in competition. Thank you, Tactics team, for setting me up.
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by Chris Quinn (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/2/2017
Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings - white flag
Good stuff
0 person has found this review helpful
Very good.
by Dylan Marez in Dripping Springs, TX (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/9/2016
Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings - darkwood
I was finally able to break mine in and they are super comfortable. So far so good. The paint has started to chip a little bit but that's the only issue.
0 person has found this review helpful
by Michael Robinette in Guthrie, OK (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/8/2016
Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings - black
Great bindings & super convenient to use. Would highly recommend the Burton Genesis bindings.
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solid, well built binding
by funk in the ice coast in northeast U.S.A (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/20/2014
Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings (Closeout) - green machine
I love everything about these bindings. My only beef is sometimes toe strap doesn't slide into toe cap with ease. i have to start to rachet it to get it started. Other wise super strong, yet flexible. also best ankle strap I ever used.
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Asked by Jose on 1/12/2017
Will these bindings work on a 2015-2016 Burton Ripcord snowboard?
Answered by Graig A (Tactics Employee) on 1/12/2017
Yes these will work as long as your snowboard is not an EST mounting system
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Asked by Natasha on 12/24/2016
can it fit on never sumer bowrd or it's just for burton boards?
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 12/28/2016
Those bindings will work on a Never Summer just be sure not to get the EST!
0 person has found this answer helpful

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