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The Deathwish Video Skate DVD

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The Deathwish Video Skate DVD featuring Jim Greco and Erik Ellington joining forces after their skate spot has been tragically jacked by thugs. Find out how the story ends with all your favorite pros in the roles they were born to play.

Release Date
  • 2013
Featured Riders
  • Moose
  • Jim Greco
  • Erik Ellington
  • Furby
  • Jon Dickson
  • Brian "Slash" Hansen
  • Neen Williams
  • Lizard King
Produced By
  • Deathwish
Produced By

Deathwish - Deathwish is sister company to Baker Skateboards, launched with Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington and former pro rider, Antwuan Dixon. Deathwish now features pros like Jim Greco, Lizard King, Neen Williams and more. The company has dropped several killer videos and continues to strap grim decks to feet across the globe.