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Established in 1992, Element was created to make a positive difference in skateboarding. Element founder, Johnny Schillereff, grew up on the east coast where the raw style of street skating meshed with his love for hip-hop music and art. What started out as a collaborative project called ‘Underworld Element’ would evolve and develop a unique identity through rebranding and the creation of the Element tree logo.

The early Element skateboards roster consisted of legendary names such as Stevie Williams, Reese Forbes, and Kris Markovich. Over the years the team would grow to bring on widely recognized figures such as Bam Margera, Tosh Townend and Nyjah Huston. Utilizing the four essential elements of wind, water, fire, and earth, Element board graphics mostly relate to the natural world which has been on their manifesto since day one.

Element is also recognized for its wide variety of product offerings. From Element decks and wheels to Element completes, you can find everything you need to start rolling. And you can even showcase your support and love for the brand with an Element shirt or Element sweatshirt.