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Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" Longboard Deck

4 Reviews
Color: charcoal/ice
Size: 41in
Color: charcoal/ice
Size: 41in
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The Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" longboard deck has a low to the ground feel, along with a 9-ply maple construction and carbon fiber bottom sheet for stiffness and weight reduction. Use it to attack those hills, or use it to attack campus, the choice is entirely yours.
Ride Style
  • Commuter
  • Downhill
Mounting Style
  • Top Mount
Deck Profile
  • Drop Down
Deck Shape
  • Symmetrical
Deck Features
  • Cutouts
  • Mild Concave
  • W-Concave
Grip Type
  • Black Grip
Deck Construction
  • 9-Ply Maple Construction
Ride Style

Commuter - Commuter boards cover a wide range. Whether you're cruising to the store on a beverage run or crossing from suburbs to downtown and back on the daily, commuting boards are made to make your life a little easier and a lot more fun.

Shorter boards in this category make up the cruising department. Some have functional kicktails, but they're still made to fit large wheels so you won't get hung up on any rocks. Some are even small enough they can fit in lockers or under a work desk.

Longer boards are made for distance skaters. With features like rocker, flex, and anything to lower your center of gravity, commuting boards make skating feel like you have your own cloud underfoot. These boards are really great for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Never make the boring mistake of walking again, get your commute on.

Downhill - Downhill is like freefall; something to be experienced, not described. Downhill incorporates elements of carving, freestyle, and freeride with the main focus on the thrill of speed. Look for technical features using everything from fiberglass, to w-concave, urethane bumpers, and a plethora of materials. Get your full face helmet and pucks out, and head to the hills.

Mounting Style

Top Mount - The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel (as opposed to drop-through mounts, which are mounted through the board to lower your center of gravity).

Deck Profile

Drop Down - Drop Down boards lower your center of gravity just like drop through constructed boards, the difference being that one is a mount style, and the other features a dropped down platform in the construction. Drop Down boards are constructed to dip down below where the trucks are mounted which means you're closer to the road, this style of board is used primarily for downhill riding because it offers more stability and control, and gives you more leverage when cornering and sliding.

Deck Shape

Symmetrical - Symmetrical boards are ideal for freeride and freestyle. The freeride pros will tell you that figuring out how to come out of a slide switch is not an easy task and having a symmetrical deck underfoot will help you speed through the learning curve to the top of the class. Freestyle skaters love their double kicks and reliable symmetrical boards to land flip tricks. So if these pursuits sound like your style, check out symmetrical boards.

Deck Features

Cutouts - With big wheels you need lots of room to carve and dig into turns, cutouts around the wheels provide the extra space required to prevent wheelbite while cutouts for your trucks appear on drop through decks so you can ride closer to the ground.

Mild Concave - With the right concave underfoot you'll feel you can skate anything. Concavity can be seen if you look at a board straight down the nose to the tail. Mild concave shows as a slight rise towards the edges of the deck giving your feet plenty of places to lock in. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it's all personal preference, but you can't go wrong if you don't already have a preference.

W-Concave - With the right concave underfoot you'll feel you can skate anything. Concavity can be seen if you look at a board straight down the nose to the tail and W-concave looks like the letter W, makes sense right? Breaking away into a slide becomes easier with this style because you have a little more support where your toes/heels will anchor.

Deck Construction

9-Ply Maple Construction - 9 plies of hard rock maple for an incredibly durable and stiff ride. This construction method is great for carving and cruising, providing a responsive and secure feel under your feet. Epoxy resin makes boards lighter, stronger and longer lasting than normal water-based decks.

Width (in):10.0
Length (in):41.0
Wheel Base (in):32.5
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 4 customers

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Great board with proper setup
by Kidlife1019 in Belleville, IL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 11/11/2016
Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" Longboard Deck - blue diamond/white
It's heavy and Stiff making it sluggish on the push but with proper bearings and wheels, it'll accelerate with ease.
The design and shape makes you feel right at home and gives you confidence right off the bat.
This is one of those boards that ANYONE can ride and I'm still very pleased with my purchase.
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by jack
Posted on 11/11/2015
Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" Longboard Deck
I use this board every day, and it has no wear. I can alway trust this board for sliding, downhill, cruising, etc. This is by far my best board ive ever had
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Great Deck
by Dan Mudd in Alamo, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 10/5/2015
Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" Longboard Deck - blue diamond/white
Great for downhill. Very happy with my purchase.
2 people have found this review helpful
Amazing. Purely.
by Josiah P (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/26/2015
Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" Longboard Deck - blue diamond/white
Before I start to speak, I am 6 ft and 250 lbs. this board is amazing. It is perfect for a bigger guy (or woman) who wants to longboard. I can do anything I want on this thing. I dance, do tricks, bomb hills, etc. if you are even having a thought about buying this board, don't hesitate.
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Asked by Fire Wolf on 3/12/2017
Can it be used for crusing and carving and etc?
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 3/13/2017
Yes, absolutely! This board will be really good for cruising and making turns.
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Asked by Kiwi on 5/8/2015
How low is the drop on this deck?
Answered by Jerome J (Tactics Employee) on 5/8/2015
With the deck laying on the ground without trucks, the deck measures 4cm from the mounting holes to the ground.
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