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Bath Salts Skate DVD

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Here's a video that will eat your face off, Bath Salts is packed with slams and serious shredding by some of the nation's top riders. Heroin never fails to satisfy (when it comes to great films and quality skateboards, of course)!

Release Date
  • 2015
Media Type
  • DVD
Featured Riders
  • Craig Questions, Zack Krull, Adrian Adrid, Nick Michel, Nick Rodriguez, Shane Powell, Lee Yankou, Stephen Malet, Joe O'Donnell, Tom Day and Tony Karr.
Produced By
  • Heroin Skateboards
Produced By

Heroin Skateboards - Get addicted to skateboarding like Heroin Skateboards founder Mark “Fos” Foster. Founded in England in 1998, Heroin has continually grown its presence with its unique graphics, branding, and notorious skate team. Joining Baker Boys Distribution in 2011 boosted their US presence and established a loyal and growing customer base.