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You peep that Anakin in Atlanta video yet?! Head to our IGTV or hit the link in bio to check it out! @thegoodhomie_ : @_pendry // #TacticsSkate #Goombaslayers
Hes on fire! Congrats to @allen_sowell of Coos Bay, OR on being the latest #RipperOfTheWeek! Thats a mean alley-oop right there! Hit the link in bio to peep his Q&A! Keep the #CatchARip entries coming and you could be the next winner of a fat #ROTW package! #TacticsSkate
Tons of new skate clothing from @spitfirewheels, @shakejunt, @wknd & more just came in, hit the link in bio to take a gander at the latest threads! #TacticsSkate
@pyramidcountry is bringing the desert to your doorstep with their latest run, including the mind-melting video Vessel In Passing. Hit the kink in our bio to get your hands on all the newest gear from Pyramid Country! #TacticsSkate #PyramidCountry
Some heavy clips from @daltonderns part in the Magnolia video : @troyvetriVid from @rxsquints // #TacticsSkate
@esskateboarding Accel Plus Everstitch. A classic silhouette retooled with lightweight, breathable tech and icy outsole. Hit our link in bio for all the details from @kellyhart#esskateboarding #es_accel_plus #es_accel_plus_everstitch #es_accel_everstitch #skateshoes
@logofrank bowling a strike! #TacticsSkate
We sent team rider @thegoodhomie_ down to ATL for a week to link up with the recently relocated @goombaslayer and stack some clips and they did not disappoint! Hit the link in bio to see the rest of what they got! : @goombaslayer // #TacticsSkate
He done did it again! @lancemountain came correct with yet another classic colorway for the Blazer Mid from @NikeSB! Hit the link in bio to pick up your pair and move some Mountains! #NikeSB #BlazerMid #SkateShoes #TacticsSkate

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Gifts for Skateboarders 2018 | Best in Skate

Shopping for skateboarders should be easy. If you have a skater in your life, we're here to help. If you are a skater and don't know what to ask for, you've also come to the right place. We've scoured through our vast collection of skate gear, clothing, shoes, and accessories to bring you a heaping helping of goods that are guaranteed to make any skater smile. Below are collections of our favorite new gear with some helpful guidance on the "dos and don'ts" of shopping for skateboarders.


Shop Gifts for Skateboarders


Skateboard Decks

Skateboarders want skate decks. Pretty obvious, but it is possible to screw this up. It never hurts to ask what they're into, but if you want to be sneaky, do some research. Take notice of the brand logos you see on their beanies and t-shirts. Most importantly, measure the width of their deck if you aren't sure what size they skate. We have a ton of options to browse through on the site, but below are a few of our favorite new graphics.


Shop All Skate Decks


Skate Shoes

Constantly rubbing your shoes on griptape is an expensive habit, so there isn't much that's more exciting than a new pair of skate shoes. That's where you come in. The hard part is finding the right shoe for the right skater. It's a rough job, but you may want to check through the stanky pile of mangled suede and rubber tucked away in their closet for clues. Not in for the mission? Go with a best-selling classic like the Vans Old Skool Pro, Nike SB Janoski OG, or the Adidas Busenitz Pro. Want something more fresh? Check out our top picks below or play it safe with a give card and let the expert decide.


Shop All Skate Shoes


Pants & Jeans

No matter how seriously your skater takes Thrasher Magazine's "Skate & Destroy" motto, skateboarding will destroy their clothing. Pants are usually the first to go.


Shop All Skate Pants & Jeans


Hoodies, Flannels & Jackets

When all your money goes towards decks and shoes, a new sweatshirt or jacket can often seem like a luxury you can't afford. It's cold outside. Keep your skater warm.


Shop All Skate Hoodies



Shop All Skate Flannels



Shop All Skate Jackets


Trucks & Wheels

Decks come and go quickly, but trucks and wheels stick with you for a while. Most skaters are real picky and buy the same ones every time. Size, shape, and tech can be confusing for the inexperienced shopper, so this isn't a good place to venture a guess. Get this one right or choose a different gift category.


Shop All Skate Trucks



Shop All Skate Wheels



Tossing in a new set of bearings is a simple pleasure that skaters often wait way too long to enjoy. Bearings make great stocking stuffers because they're inexpensive and every skater needs them sooner or later. You can't go wrong here.


Shop All Skate Bearings



Gifting socks for the holidays may be a running joke in your family, but it happens for a reason. Everyone needs them, and the cushy feeling of a new pair is second to none. Plus, sock game is fully trending right now with seemingly endless graphic possibilities from Star Wars, to Seinfeld, to Michael Jackson.


Shop All Socks



Skate feet take a lot of abuse, and not all skate shoes come with quality insoles. A little extra cushioning and arch support can make a huge difference. Your skater may not even know it yet. Treat their feet with some upgraded or custom moldable insoles.


Shop All Skate Shoe Insoles


Road Trip Accessories

Local spots get old and the best skateboarding happens on the road. Get your skater the random goodies they need to elevate their road trip lifestyle.


Shop All Road Trip Accessories


Audio & Headphones

Music goes hand in hand with skateboarding, and most other things in life. Give your skater the gift of smooth grooving serenity or thrashing death metal adrenaline, whenever the mood strikes. Ditch the chords and go wireless. Trust us, you don't want your headphone chords tangling in your skate wheels.


Shop All Headphones


Random Skate Stuff

Still unsure? Want to grab a couple extra goodies? This is the magical section of our website where we keep all the rad little novelties, doo dads, and thingamajigs that don't fit into the conventional categories. Have at 'em.


Shop All Random Skate Gear


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