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Guide To Skate Apparel

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that comfort and safety are key when tearing it up on your skateboard. Give this article a look to see what we recommend you wear to keep you riding all day long.


It’s important that you select clothes that will be comfortable to wear but will also provide a wide range of motion and breathability.
It’s pretty common to fall when you’re skating, so why not wear pants (or shorts) that are sturdy enough to offer a bit of protection from the cement? While jeans are always a good bet, you can also find bottoms made from other types of thick cottons, such as canvas or herringbone. These fabrics will not only bear the brunt of the scraping when you eat it, but they’ll also breathe well during your session.

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Let’s be real for a second: skating makes you sweat… a lot. That being said, you don’t come across too many skaters decked out in nylon turtlenecks or polyester tanks. Once again, cotton is the name of the game. Wear cotton t-shirts that fit you well and allow you to twist, turn and raise your arms without any problems.

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For many, skating is a year-round sport. While it’s never a good move to ride around when the ground is wet (your bearings will suffer), the cold shouldn’t stop you. Just toss on a hoodie and hit the pavement. Several apparel companies also make acrylic-cotton blend sweaters just for skating; these are great alternatives for cold days if you feel like your hoodie is weighing you down.

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Coupled with an appropriate pair of socks, a good skate shoe should do nothing to impede your movements, while providing comfort, support, protection and, sure, a little style.

Your feet are the major link between your brain and your board, so it’s essential that you wear shoes that will allow you to do your thing in comfort and with protection. Skate shoes are distinguishable from your average sneaker by a few unique characteristics. Most importantly, they are seriously durable. During the course of an average skate session, your shoe will probably come into contact with grip tape, cement and metal. Fabrics such as suede and leather are used for their strength and heavy-duty nature. Additionally, features such as shoelace protectors and vulcanized soles give your shoes added protection from the grind of skating.

Not only are skate shoes durable, they are also designed for comfort. Almost all skate shoes have a flat sole made from rubber or polyurethane, which gives the rider a nice cushion to dampen hard landings. Some companies have also begun to use STI foam in the mid- and outer- soles, which provides an impact-resistant and ultra lightweight alternative to polyurethane or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate: common sole material).

Finally, skate shoes are low profile, meaning that they sit low to the ground. This makes technical tricks easier to perform and allows the wearer to feel the deck better. Simply put, a good skate shoe is usually made by a skate shoe company and should always take durability, comfort and protection into account.

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A skater’s feet can get pretty gnarly after a day of riding, but wearing the proper sock can help keep the grossness to a minimum. Cotton socks, once wet, do not dry out easily. Therefore, choose a sock that has excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. In addition to keeping your feet dry, make sure that your socks don’t sag and crumple up in your shoe – this can cause pain and blisters. Reinforced toes and heels will also keep you comfortable, not to mention your socks will last longer.

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