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Introducing | Last Resort AB

“These shoes are made by and for Skateboarders around the world, girls and boys out on the streets having fun, being creative” -Alv 

In 2020 Last Resort AB broke into the skateboarding footwear landscape. Polar Skate Co founder Pontus Alv teamed up with Sami Tolppi to create a new brand that fuses his personal touch with classic vulcanized high and low silhouettes. The shoes are durable, rugged and stylish. 

Last Resort backs a self proclaimed “team of creative weirdos, where skating is secondary.'' The tight knit group includes Frog Skateboard pros Chris Milic and Jesse Alba, as well as Polar Skate Co  Dane Brady and Paul Grund. Nick Rios, Aaron Loreth, David Stenstrom, Billy Trick, and Ludvig Hakansson round out the current roster. If you follow along with any of these skaters, you know that trick and spot selection are a top priority. Last Resort has made it to the US, and we are excited to watch the brand continue to evolve.  

Last Resort AB are available now, in-store only at Tactics Eugene, Bend and Portland 

The Courts, Portland OR


Dane Brady