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Northwest Open 2023 | Video & Photo Recap


Video: Adam Robo, Tim McCoy

Skateboarding in the Pacific Northwest is an eclectic mixing pot of terrain, styles, and personalities. This hodgepodge of coastal concrete dwellers, Zoo bombers, Seattle street skaters, Burnside locals, and Courts technicians is rarely found in one place at one time, Northwest Open is the exception.

For 3 days in late August, about 1,000 skateboarders from the PNW and beyond converged on Seek Skate Camp for Tactics second annual Northwest Open. 90,000 square feet of skateable concrete was absolutely destroyed by the pros, groms, local legends, and weekend warriors. Throw in a 10-foot-tall experimental rainbow feature, and 35-foot rail, now you have got yourself a party. Huge thanks to Converse Cons and all the sponsors who helped make this event possible and to Seek Skate Camp for creating the best place on earth. See you next year! 

Featuring: Louie Lopez, Silas Baxter-Neal, Simon Bannerot, Elijah Akerly, Kevin Kowalski, Kaden Ramos, Alex Lobasyuk, Kasci Woolf, Jake Yanko, Brian Delatorre, Nora Baker, Eli Williams, Ace Pelka, Kaue Cossa, Dylan Clark, Sebo Walker and many more. 

Check out the photo recap below 

Photo: Corey Greengage

Jake Yanko really kicked things off on day 1

Kaden Ramos lets a hoof breathe

(insert pole jam joke here) Brian Delatorre

Alex Lobasyuk goes the distance with Adam Robo in pursuit

Nora went crooked at the SLAG jam.

Kasci Woolf 5-0 -> Fakie


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